Take a break

Union News November 2020

Inspired by information provided from the Western Region EAP Coordinator-Counsellors

It’s important that we schedule times in our lives to take breaks in order build resiliency and boost our mental health and wellbeing. If we take the time to take a break to care of our well-being, we can often prevent ourselves from over-exerting ourselves physically and emotionally. The list of activates below focus on improving the mental health of employees, including those who may experience depression, anxiety-related disorders or stress at work. First, choose a category that you want to try then pick an activity that is a good fit in either your workspace or your home.  


  • Take time to tidy up - Clear the stress away  
  • Get inspired - Collect and share inspirational thoughts 
  • Meditate - Tips for becoming calmer, more energized and relaxed 
  • Write down what you're grateful for - Journal gratefulness 
  • Plant something - Tend to your wellness 
  • Plan a healthy meal - Create your own healthier "plan it"  
  • Use your mind - Scan and comfort your body 
  • Feet on the floor - Technique to ease tension 
  • Call a friend - Reach out to someone you can count on 
  • Get inspired - Appreciate your surroundings 


  • Energy shake - Shake all over! 
  • Benefits of water - Reminder to drink up 
  • Energy drink - Whip up some energy for break time 
  • Keep healthy snacks - Stock up on healthy break bites  
  • Stretch at your desk - Tips for break time stretches 
  • Walk or wheel to wellness - Measure daily distance 


  • Take a walk in nature - Experience the wonders of nature at work 
  • Set a reminder to breath - Breathing exercise to reduce stress 
  • Stretch your break - Take time to stretch  
  • Check in on yourself - A tool to assess how you're doing 
  • Focus on the positive - Relaxation technique 
  • Watch a funny video - Take a break to laugh