Bulletin 09/09

August 5, 2009
TO:   Executive Council
Alternated Regional Vice Presidents
All Staff

RE:  November 2, 2009 – Workplace Actions Bill C-10

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The UTE PAC is asking for your ideas/suggestions in regards to staging workplace actions in respect to Bill C-10.  We all know that the Conservatives, with the support of the Liberals, decided to pass legislation to implement changes to our Collective Agreement that resulted in a wage increase rollback for our members.

PAC has been tasked with contacting all locals in regards to staging workplace actions to show our displeasure.  It has been suggested that we do this on Nov. 2/09 when our 2.5% negotiated wage increase is rolled back to 1.5%.

Therefore, we are asking that you send your ideas/suggestions to the PAC through your Regional Vice President by September 4, 2009. At the September 2009 UTE National Presidents’ Conference, PAC will advise the Locals of what has been received and there may be further discussion on the matter in one of the plenary sessions.

In Solidarity,

Nick Stein
Chair, UTE Political Action Committee