Bulletin 06/07

April 24, 2007
To :  Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice Presidents
Local Presidents
Labour Relations Officers

Re:  Amended Policies and Directives

As a result of the request at the March 2007 Presidents’ Conference, the Staffing Committee undertook a review of the Employer’s Policies and Directives related to the Staffing Program that have been amended.

Please find a list of the applicable policies that have been updated on the Infozone.

  • Annex R
  • Directive on Term Rehiring
  • Aboriginal Tax Officer Apprenticeship Program
  • Annex C – Directive on Area of Selection
  • Annex S – Directive on Preferred Status
  • PQP Roles and Responsibilities

For future amendments, the Committee will issue the amended Annex’s, Directives, etc. as received.

In Solidarity,

Sabri Khayat

Sabri Khayat
Chairperson of the Committee