Steward Courses

PSAC Memorandum

Second Tier of New Steward Courses – Part B

Following the release of Tier One and Tier Two, Group A of our Steward Training Series workshops in the summer and early winter of 2015/16, the Regional Offices Branch and the PSAC Education Program are pleased to release the final group of Steward Training Series workshops, Tier Two, Group B. 

All Steward Training Series courses, Tier One and Tier two, groups A and B, are available for both classroom delivery and for online training.  The classroom workshop notes for Tier Two B courses are attached.

Tier One and Two courses are available on-line at:

Scheduling of face-to-face training for these courses will be done regionally. Online courses will take 45-60 minutes to complete.  The classroom equivalents are 1.5-3 hours in length. They are designed as modules that could be grouped together to create a full day-long or multi-day training for new stewards.

The Tier One courses in the initial offering include:

  • Why Unions?
  • Role of Stewards
  • Building our Union
  • Steward as Problem-solvers
  • Grievances: An Overview
  • Human Rights in the Workplace

Tier Two courses include:

Tier Two, Group A

  • Employment Equity in the Workplace
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Stewards as Allies for Racial Justice
  • Connecting with Members with Disabilities
  • Connecting with Aboriginal Members
  • Defending GLB Members Against Homophobia in the Workplace
  • Defending Trans Members’ Rights in the Workplace
  • Creating Gender Equality
  • Mental Health Matters

Tier Two, Group B

  • Economics for stewards in the Workplace
  • Planning an Action – Taking Action
  • Creating Harassment-free Workplaces
  • The Obligation to Represent Members Fairly
  • What Stewards Need to Know about Health and Safety
  • Working Strategically Through Conflict

Roll Out

We are calling on Components and PSAC Regional Offices to reach out to locals and provide the Steward Portal URL to them. We have created a brochure to help with promoting our Steward Training Series courses (attached) and would appreciate you having them on-hand, at functions where stewards and Local executive members attend. The brochure was distributed to the Regional Offices at the end of 2015. Additional brochures are available through Procurement.

Existing stewards will be asked to login to the portal and create an account to complete the online courses.  The courses may also be used as a recruitment tool for new stewards because of their entry-level orientation.

As always, we invite you to provide us with feedback on our education materials.

In Solidarity,

Terri-Lee Rayvals-Mele
PSAC National Education Officer