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Kent MacDonald Item 11(a)

The committee has not met since our last report. All of the committee
members attended the employers training “Work Description Writing ACS-SP” Oct
28 –29, 2003.

The committee did get together to review our outstanding items, thus looking
at scheduling a meeting for early in the New Year.

Our outstanding items are:

  1. Agency Classification Standard
  2. Work Description Review
  3. Finance & Administration Work Descriptions
  4. Specified Period Employees
  5. MG Group
  6. PM Educational Standards
  7. Agency Staffing and Recourse
  8. Staffing Grievances
  9. Computer Profiles for Trust Compliance/Collections
    Contact Officers Work Descriptions
  10. CS Educational Standard
  11. PQP and other Staffing Abuses
  12. CCRA Assessment of Recourse
  13. Changes to PQP Process
  14. Quotas
  15. Performance Management System
  16. Access to Personal Files by managers
    during staffing processes

As committee chair I reviewed all the concerns submitted to the UTE National
Staffing Committee as a result of Bulletin 12/03 and compiled the following

  1. Portfolio of Competencies (POC) – Length of time to complete.
  2. POC
    being worked on then not assessed as candidate fail written exam. Thus
    using their lifetime 7 hrs.
  3. The assessment of Conflict Management Competency.
  4. Lack of Recourse/Corrective
  5. Lack of consistency in the use of Competencies. One competition,
    submit 3, have marked, if passed submit remaining 5. Other process must
    submit all 8.
  6. Inconsistency in the evaluation of SEED competencies.
  7. Bastardization
    of LDP’s.
  8. Qualified employee in the pool being removed thus having
    no access to ITPR.
  9. Time delay in receiving Decision Review (5 months).
  10. Placement criteria
    not clear on Poster, Decided what criteria to use after completion
    of the process.
  11. Sole use of supervisory reference checks.
  12. Long term acting’s 3-4
  13. Candidates meet experience criteria but screened out, no corrective
    action at IF.

These items will be addressed with the employer as soon as a meeting can be

Respectfully submitted,

Kent MacDonald,

Chairperson of the Committee

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