Signing of contract with CRA set for October 25th

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Now that PSAC/UTE’s agreement with the CRA has been ratified, our settlement is scheduled to receive cabinet approval on October 20. Consequently the parties have agreed to October 25 as the date of signing for our contract.

The date of signing is the date upon which our contract takes effect, and impacts eligibility for the one-time lump sum payment. Also the CRA has a maximum of 150 days from that date to adjust employees’ wages and pay out retroactove payments.

Results of Ratification Votes Announced

Thursday, October 13, 2016

UTE members ratified a new collective agreement with their employer today. This puts an end to a bargaining process that took more than four years.

The union’s negotiating team reached a tentative agreement with the CRA in August. This came after PSAC/UTE members rejected an earlier offer from the employer and demanded fair compensation.

“It has been a long road, but our members finally have a new contract,” said Bob Campbell, National President of the Union of Taxation Employees.

Minutes of the Executive Council

Via Conference call 

Bob Campbell                                          Marc Brière
Madonna Gardiner (by phone)                Jérôme Martel (by phone)
Daniel Camara (by phone)                       Ken Bye (by phone)
Doug Gaetz (by phone)                           Bill Blair (by phone)
Jamie vanSydenborgh (by phone)           Cosimo Crupi (by phone)
Gary Esslinger (by phone)                       Greg Krokosh (by phone)
Wayne Little (by phone)                           Dale Robinson, Regional Offices Branch

Monday, August 22, 2016

Talks with the CRA continue, members show solidarity

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PSAC/UTE spent yesterday in contract talks with the Canada Revenue Agency and discussions are ongoing.

Special thanks to the thousands of PSAC-UTE members who participated in workplace demonstrations and creative actions across the country yesterday. It was an incredible show of solidarity for our bargaining team.

We’ll be sure to update as things progress.

CRA bargaining: parties agree to go back to the table

Monday, July 4, 2016

The PSAC/UTE bargaining team and the CRA have agreed to return to the bargaining table August 8-11 to resume negotiations.‎

Over the coming days and weeks, UTE and PSAC leadership will be discussing potential activities in support of  achieving a fair contract the week of August 8th. ‎

Union leadership will continue to prepare for potential action to be taken should an agreement not be reached by August 11th. 

For more information, speak with your UTE local president or PSAC Regional Office.

In Solidarity,

Negotiations - Message from the National President

Monday, July 4, 2016

The UTE/PSAC bargaining team has secured dates to return to the table with CRA for August 8th to 11th, to try and negotiate a fair contract. This is what standing up and returning a strike mandate has done for the members. We will need to show Management over the coming weeks that we support the team by taking actions and putting up signs of support in the offices. We are hopeful that we can come to an agreement, but we will continue to prepare for strike actions should negotiations fail to achieve an agreement.

PSAC thanks members at CRA for their support

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to thank UTE/PSAC members at CRA for your support in pushing for a fair collective agreement.

On Friday June 24, UTE President Bob Campbell met with Acting Commissioner, John Ossowski, to discuss the results of the vote on the proposed memorandum of settlement. He has committed to reach out to Treasury Board and the Minister of Revenue and respond with more information regarding their position as soon as possible.

Members of UTE have voted to reject the contract offer from the CRA

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The members of UTE have voted to reject the contract offer from the CRA. The members have spoken and stated that they are not willing to accept less than what others have received and are not willing to give up their right to bargain on their own behalf. The member turnout for the vote was very high. In fact, we believe it was one of the highest in our history. This speaks volumes to the engagement of the membership in their collective agreement.