Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

December 2016

Jamie vanSydenborgh

The Committee met October 20th & 21st at the National Office in Ottawa.  In attendance were Brothers Jamie vanSydenborgh and Cosimo Crupi, Sister Annette Melanson.  The committee was tasked with creating an action plan to convince the Federal Government to review, and reverse, the decision to put the Canada Revenue Agency under Treasury Board for bargaining.  The committee identified key Members of Parliament within all political parties, represented in the House of Commons. This included Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries as well as opposition critics.  Discussion also included the following:

  1. creation of a new lobbying kit for union activists and members that would include sample letters, lists of MPs, as well as speaking notes;

  2. discussed future article for the Union News;

  3. anticipated meeting with Minister of National Revenue at our December Council meeting, thanks to Brother Jérome Martel (Regional Vice-President, Québec Region) for facilitating; and,

  4. met with Heather Finn, from PSAC, regarding sharing of key MPs information as well as current PSAC political action activities, regarding Pheonix and current Treasury Board bargaining. 

The committee plans to meet again in the near future to continue its work.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie vanSydenborgh
Chair of the Committee