Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

June 2016

Gary Esslinger

The committee met April 11-14 to prepare the May edition of the UTE Union News. 

At the request of the National President, the committee also reviewed the current orientation PowerPoint that is available to locals from the UTE website. The committee took this PowerPoint and updated it with current information and applied what has become the standard format for the UTE PowerPoint background to the presentation. The committee had considered a total rewrite of the PowerPoint however time did not permit.  As well as through discussions amongst the committee it was identified that many locals had created their own presentation so it was felt that what is currently available on the UTE website could serve as a template for whatever information locals wanted to include in their orientation sessions.

The committee wanted to recognize and welcome its newest member that being, Brother Johann Ackerman the newly elected President’s representative.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Esslinger
Chair of the Committee