Technological Change Committee

Minutes of the Technological Change Sub-Committee Meeting

May 19, 2010


opening remarks

Mr. George Arsenijevic, Assistant Commissioner, Assessment and Benefit Services Branch, and Management Co-Chair, welcomed everyone at the meeting, and stated that he was delighted for the opportunity to have a discussion regarding the Agency’s technology.

Ms. Pamela Abbott, Regional Vice-President, Pacific Region, and Union Co-Chair, appreciated the opportunity to meet with Management.

technological change sub-committee process

Management and Union were pleased with the process currently in place, that is, a semi-annual meeting scheduled in May and November, with an agenda that includes verbal items and written updates. The meetings had been valuable in providing the parties an opportunity to discuss the introduction of new technological initiatives. However, given that the number of items for discussion had significantly decreased over the last year, Management suggested that a meeting should only be held if the agenda warranted it. That being said, Management expected that the number of new technological change initiatives would increase in the future.

The Union recognized that Management’s intent was not to put an end to the Technological Change Sub-Committee. Furthermore, the Union noted that meetings did not necessarily need to be held in May and November.

UTE added that it would appreciate receiving demonstrations on technological change items, as appropriate. The Union would also be interested in hearing information on the CRA’s strategic direction on technological change. Management stated that it would be pleased to provide an explanation of the strategic direction, as strategies were developed.

written updates

The Committee agreed to remove the following written updates from the next meeting’s agenda: Payment Modernization, eFile and 2D Bar Code Returns, PAYDAC Renewal – Source Deductions Accounting, Functional Transfer to the Assessment and Benefit Services Branch, and Integrated Revenue Collections.


UTE asked what the $1.2M funding was allocated to, and what would happen to the employees working on this initiative once it was implemented. Management would look into the matter and get back to the Union.

Benefit Workflow Consolidation

Management confirmed that implementation was planned for February 2011.

GST/HST Bar Code

The Union asked that this item not be removed from the Written Updates, as it wished to track its implementation and related impacts. Management agreed.

Closing Remarks

The Union noted that the committee had accomplished a great deal of work during the meeting and appreciated the discussions that reflected the more strategic direction of the Agency in terms of technological changes.

UTE also noted that this would be Mr. Arsenijevic’s last meeting and congratulated him on his upcoming retirement. The Union appreciated his contribution to the success of this Committee and the good relationship he had established with UTE.

Mr. Arsenijevic thanked the Union for its good wishes and stated how pleased he was with the work and progress made over the years by the Sub-Committee.

Original signed by Leslie-Ann Scott

Original signed by

George Arsenijevic
Assistant Commissioner
Assessment and Benefit Services Branch
Canada Revenue Agency

Betty Bannon
National President
Union of Taxation Employees

July 20, 2010

July 19, 2010