Political Action Committee

Report of the Political Action Committee

September 2015

Adam Jackson

The Committee met on two occasions since the last report was submitted.  May 20-21st in Ottawa and June 23-24 in Kingston.  The purpose of the May meeting was to come up with a plan for the use of the Political Action line item in preparation for the upcoming election including a media campaign, use of a postcard campaign and an event for the September President’s conference.  This was discussed at the June council to share information and get feedback.  Given the fact that we didn’t know at the time when the election would be called but knowing that it would be an official writ period over the September Presidents’ Conference, the committee consulted with PSAC on limitations for political action by members at that function.  It was determined that we would be unable to hold a political rally without risking contravention of the elections act.

The purpose of the June meeting was to script and secure radio advertising in the following areas: Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Greater Toronto Area, Quebec City and Moncton.  Ads ran from early July up until the election call on August 2nd at which point the ads had to stop or be counted towards 3rd party election spending.

The committee also conferred and determined 4 postcards to be distributed to the membership through an insert in the newsletter.

Minutes for both meetings are included. (May, June)

Respectfully submitted,

Adam Jackson
Chair of the Committee