Communications Committee

Report of the Communications Committee

September 2015

Gary Esslinger

The Committee met August 18-20 to complete the next edition of the UTE newsletter.

With the decision to include in the newsletter mail out, the postcards that had been developed by the Political Action Committee, the committee had to prepare a newsletter with a maximum of six pages.  This was necessary in order to keep the mailing weight under 50 g otherwise the postage costs were almost doubled.

As the committee does on a regular basis we requested articles for consideration to be included in the newsletter. Unfortunately, as has been the case in the past, we received very few articles.  The committee discussed this issue and felt one strategy we would consider in the future is just soliciting topics of interest we could then look at finding individuals from within the committee or elsewhere who might be willing to write an article on that particular subject. 

The committee further believed this might be a good idea since challenges have arisen in the past dealing with articles that needed considerable rewriting and even more importantly fact checking to make sure the information was current and correct. To be clear, this related more to randomly submitted articles.

The committee has also decided that at its next meeting we are going to discuss the inclusion of more relevant but more special interest topics in order to keep the publication fresh and of interest to the membership.

The committee also needs to meet in the near future to review the various UTE booklets, a task assigned to it by the National President.  During this meeting the committee will discuss and possibly make recommendations, if required, regarding tweaking and enhancement to the new website.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Brother Camara, Brother Melanson and Sister Duncan for their great assistance and input within the committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Esslinger
Chair of the Committee