President's Follow up Items - Executive Council

December 2011

Robert Campbell - Item 5

  • The following items were brought to the attention of the NBOD meeting on behalf of UTE:

    1. The problems our Locals are having with the PSAC regional offices, i.e.  Message and information is not consistent between regions, not even between RO in the same region.

    2. Pension Center Issues, Our Agency can no longer intervene on behalf of our members, due to the Privacy Act, Some Issues are taking in excess of 24-36 months to even get an answer, and is some cases this delay makes it too late for the member to be eligible to buy back pension or correct their pensionable service. The PSAC was asked through GSU to set up a process so that our members can have these critical cases expedited. They are looking in to it. (This item is also on the UTE National Union Management Consultation Agenda).

  • A letter was written to John Gordon in regards to our Outaouais local being moved from the PSAC-NCR region to PSAC-Quebec region. Brother Gordon replied that under the PSAC Constitution he could not do this but stated he has seen the Resolution from the UTE convention going to the PSAC convention and this is the way this could happen.

  • At the Presidents Conference I was asked to inquire about a name change to the GCWCC to change, to replace “Workplace” with “Employees”, this has been discussed with the Agency and the PSAC but with little hope of a change being made.

  • The issue of Mail Cart Tracking Devices was discussed at the Presidents Conference, it is now in the hands of the Tech change committee and they will be reporting on this.