Technological Change Committee

Minutes of the Technological Change Committee

November 8, 2011
Present:  Doug Gaetz Chairperson
Denis Lalancette Co-Chairperson
Gary Esslinger Co-Chairperson
Brian Oldford Member
Linda Cassidy Technical Advisor

Brother Gaetz welcomed the new members of the Committee.

The Committee had a lengthy discussion regarding the creation of the agenda and how issues were referred to the Committee.  The Chairperson advised that agenda items (or issues referred) must be given to the Committee via the appropriate channels.  Items must be referred from the National President, Executive Council or Executive Committee.  The Committee members understood there are protocols that must be followed and will ensure the message is consistent if questioned.

1. Review of Previous Joint Minutes and Written Updates from the November 2010 Meeting

The Committee reviewed the previous minutes and there were no errors or omissions noted.

2. Review of Current Agenda for CRA Meeting

The Committee had a lengthy discussion of the agenda items in order to prepare for the meeting with the employer on November 9, 2011.  A full review of those items will be covered in the Joint Minutes.

3. Review and Discuss Written Updates for November 2011 Meeting

The Committee reviewed the Written Updates provided from the employer and had the following questions/concerns:

1 - CAS Sustainability Project - Was Release no. 4 shared in November 2010 or June 2011? When will the closeout report be provided? Will MSS be included in Release no. 5 for the automation of modified work hours? Can SCROM be translated in French?

2 - Electronic Transfer of Accounting Data - Will the Committee be provided with a copy of the report? The Committee will speak on the issue of acronyms.

4 - GST/HST Pre-Assessment National Inventory - The Committee questions the use of the translated word in French "pre-assessment" or "pré-cotisation".

5 - Removal of Electronic Filing Exclusions - The Committee wishes for the CRA to utilize FTEs and also, provide the number of affected employees.

9 - Automated Benefits Application - When will the Committee be provided with the staffing implications? Can the CRA add more background information in the upcoming Written Updates?

10 - Taxfiler Representative Information System - What will be the impact on indeterminate employees?

11 - May Payment - Interac Online - The Committee wishes to remove this item.

12 - Secure Online Services - Does the CRA have anticipated dates for the pilots?

14 - T1 Redesign - Can the Committee be provided with a presentation (MS PowerPoint or otherwise)? What is defined as "the Union"?

15 - Automated Printing of Taxpayer Requested Print-Outs - Why 1 TC as opposed to 2 TCs?

16 - Debt Management Call Centre Enhancement - Blended Environment - Was this item reported in June 2011? The Committee does not recall being provided with the information during the month of June, 2011.

It is expected that if the employer is unable to respond to these issues during the meeting then the employer will issue a written response at a later date.

4. Debriefing – November 9th meeting

The UTE Technological Change Committee met to debrief after the meeting with the employer.  Brother Gaetz said that everything went well and was pleased with the discussion on Written Updates. 

Sister Cassidy will discuss with Leanne Given the concerns raised with how things were translated during the meeting; the flow of translation was not as smooth as it should have been.

Brother Lalancette had concerns with the interpreters and is pleased with Sister Cassidy’s suggestion that possibly we alternate locations in the future and consider having meetings at 233 Gilmour.

Item No. 14 – TI Redesign:  The Committee will contact the TCs to ensure that they were involved in Local consultation.

5. Monitoring Devices on Mail Carts

The Committee was provided with information from CRA, which indicated this is not a new item.  Sister Cassidy will discuss with the submitting Local and their RVP.

6. Key card Modifications in Sudbury

The Committee discussed the message from Sister Cassidy and the issue of key card access.  The employer agreed to add this to the agenda and a formal announcement was made during the meeting.  Sister Cassidy will provide the relevant information to the Local and their RVP.

7. Terms of Reference for National UTE Technological Change Committee

The Committee had a discussion regarding the current Terms of Reference and reviewed them for possible changes or recommendations. The Committee drafted a set of Terms of Reference more consistent with the format used by other committees.  Brother Gaetz will submit a recommendation to Executive Council at the next meeting that these amended Terms of Reference be accepted.

8. Communications

Brother Lalancette suggested that the Committee consider a presentation to all the Local Presidents at a future Presidents’ Conference to explain how the Committee works and what their responsibilities are.

Communications: The Committee reiterated that Sister Cassidy will be the main contact with the employer and Brother Gaetz will be responsible for coordinating the meetings of the Committee.

Minutes of our meetings are to be distributed to Council / LRO’s / Alternates / Locals.

Meetings:  Brother Lalancette advised that he really liked the format of the meetings and the opportunity to debrief as a Committee.

Doug Gaetz
Chairperson, Technological Change Committee