Equal Opportunities Committee

Minutes of the Equal Opportunities (EO) Committee Meeting

March 3, 2015 to March 4, 2015

UTE National Office – Large Boardroom


Bob Carpenter – Chairperson
Madonna Gardiner – 2nd Vice-President
Jennifer Phillips – President’s Representative
Emma Bertamini – Aboriginal Representative
Mel Lucier – GLBTQQI Representative
Cheryl Seymour – Women’s Representative
Ahmed Kayka – Racially Visible Representative
Gesine Campbell – Persons with Disabilities Representative

Erik P. Gagné – Labour Relations Officer
Sylvie Bastien – Administrative Assistant   

  1. Welcoming Remarks
    1. Housekeeping
      1. Bob welcomed the members of the Committee.
      2. The attached agenda was outlined by Bob.
    2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
      1. The Committee reviewed the Minutes of the last meeting.
      2. Mel spoke about the Facebook page; she mentioned we can utilize social media for a greater impact.
      3. The Committee spoke about a potential Facebook page; Concerns with creating a page were outlined; The Committee ultimately decided that EO matters can be posted to the UTE’s Facebook page.
  2. Annual Events
    1. Review of the Current Annual Events
      1. Erik mentioned that in the past, each equity group member was assigned to review the annual events page and determine if the web links are accurate, if the description-s is accurate and if an additional event-s must be posted to the Committee’s website.
  3. Equity Networks
    1. It was mentioned that the equity group members do not have access to the previous distribution list due to the change of the UTE’s internal system. Erik mentioned that the lists provided by the former members would be forwarded to the current members. One (1) email to the Locals will be forwarded with an introduction of each equity group member.
  4. Equal Opportunities Regional Conferences
    1. Change of Dates for the Vancouver Conference
      1. Due to a shortage of available hotels within Vancouver city centre, the Committee agreed to amend the dates from 27 November 2015 and 28 November 2015 to 20 November 2015 and 21 November 2015. This allowed the Committee to secure a hotel within Vancouver city centre with reasonable rates for the location.
    2. Review of the Budget
      1. The Committee reviewed the costing allocated for each Regional Conference. A discussion ensued as to available funds for guest speakers for each Conference.
    3. Alcohol in the Hospitality Suite
      1. The Committee engaged in a contentious debate related to alcohol in the hospitality suite. The Committee agreed that no alcohol would be served Thursday and Friday nights. Saturday night would include alcohol. The Committee will invite participates to the Suite with electronic games and/or board games and/or other activities.
    4. Update on Conference Call Between Bob, Madonna and Erik
      1. The Committee were provided with an update on the conference call held 30 January 2015.
    5. Select Conference Objectives
      1. The Committee selected three (3) objectives for the impending EO Regional Conferences:
        1. Inspire participants to evaluate their activism and;
        2. Inspire participants to assist and;
        3. Provide participants with the tools required to empower action.
    6. Review the Selected Agenda
      1. The Committee reviewed the selected agenda.
    7. Discuss Format
      1. The Committee agreed that guest speakers are the most efficient method of presenting each speaking item. However, the Committee will facilitate a workshop Saturday afternoon.
    8. Discuss and Select Guest Speaker for the Human Rights Speaking Item
      1. The Committee reviewed a list of potential guest speakers provided by the National Speakers Bureau. The Committee agreed to one (1) guest speaker with considerable human rights experience.
    9. Select Gifts for the Guest Speakers
      1. Will review during our next meeting.
    10.   How Will Each Member Participate?
      1. The Committee agreed that each member assigned to their Conference will assist in facilitating a workshop Saturday afternoon.
    11. Review of the Registration and Call Letter
      1. The Committee reviewed the registration form.​
    12. Review of the Evaluation Form
      1. The Committee reviewed the evaluation form.


The Committee agreed on the following action items:



To be Completed By



Each equity group member will review the Annual Events for their respective group and update as necessary

Each equity group member


Vignettes will be transcribed by each equity group member

Each equity group member

Time limit of 10 April 2015


Each equity group member will collect additional headlines and/or news articles related to their group

Each equity group member

Time limit of 10 April 2015


Validate guest speakers; Research additional guest speakers