Technological Change Committee

Local Presidents’ Briefing

August 9, 2011

The National Technological Change Committee did not have the opportunity to meet with the Canada Revenue Agency June 20, 2011 at Ottawa, Ontario.

The Air Canada strike prevented the members of the Committee from travelling to Ottawa.

Nonethlesss, the CRA did provide the Committee with the information / documentation that would have been discussed at the meeting.


The Agency is enhancing secure online services.

The strategy outlines online themes including: e-Delivery, e-Documents, Authentication, Credential Marketing, e-Filing (Individual), e-Filing (Business), e-Forms, Mobile Devices, e-Payments, Registration, and View.

Working groups have been established for strategy priorities.

e-Documents, e-Delivery and e-Payment initiatives are the Agency’s current priorities.


Based on the Agency’s Strategic Investment Plan, the T1 redesign has been the number one priority.

The Agency is preparing a Project Initiation Plan for the implementation of the T1 redesign.

The redesign is currently in the project initiation stage.


The T3 redesign will fully automate the end-to-end processing of the Trust Returns Business Line.

The results of the redesign: enhanced compliance and revenue recovery, error detection and data validation, improved quality, decreased processing times and it will provide for the electronic filing of T3 returns and payments.

The redesign is currently in the project initiation stage.