Health and Safety Committee

Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome (S.A.R.S.)

April 4, 2003
TO:     Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents


On Monday March 31, 2003 , the employer issued a memo on the above noted subject to Regional and H.O. Assistant Commissioners (attached). Please ensure your work place committee receives a copy. As well, the employer issued correspondence to all employees April 3 which is on Infozone.

The March 31 memo outlines recommendations in respect to persons experiencing symptoms of S.A.R.S. and those that have come in contact with S.A.R.S. The PSAC has also issued a bulletin to the membership which is attached.

We are requesting that you report any suspected or probable cases of S.A.R.S. to the National Office immediately.

The National Office is in contact with the Alliance and the employer regarding S.A.R.S. and is obtaining regular updates.

We will continue to communicate to you any further developments or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Chris Aylward
UTE Health and Safety Committee