Health and Safety Committee

Regional Health and Safety Conferences

July 22, 2009
To:  Local Presidents
Cc: Executive Council
Alternate Regional Vice-Presidents
Health and Safety Contacts


UTE By-Law 6, section 7(c) establishes that each local Health and Safety Committee with UTE members has the right to send one delegate to the Health and Safety Conference.

Recently the Employer sent out a template for local Health and Safety Committees to use for their minutes.  The distribution list for the minutes includes the UTE National Office.

In reviewing the minutes that have been received in the National Office, it has been established that not all committees are sending in their minutes as requested.  To rectify this, employee Co-Chairs should ensure that the Committee Secretary includes the UTE National Office as part of the distribution for receiving the minutes.  To those that have been sending their minutes in to the National Office let me take this opportunity to thank you.

The UTE Health and Safety Committee will establish the list of local Health and Safety committees that have sent in their minutes to the National Office.  This will be a preliminary list to establish the delegates to the Regional Health and Safety Conference and will be provided at the September Presidents’ Conference.

In Solidarity,

Chris Aylward

Chris Aylward,
UTE Health and Safety Committee