Equal Opportunities Committee

October 4, 2002 (Input Call for Equal Opportunities Committee Members)

October 4, 2002
TO: Executive Council
Alt. Regional Vice-Presidents
Local Presidents

FROM: UTE Equal Opportunities Committee

RE: Input Call for Equal Opportunities Committee Members
DEADLINE: November 15, 2002

UTE is soliciting equity seeking group members to be on the National Equal Opportunities Committee. We are looking to fill five positions for members representing each of the following groups: Aboriginal People, Persons of Colour, Woman, Lesbian or Gay Man, Person having a disability.

The term is for one year (2003). The duties and obligations of the committee members are covered in the Terms of Reference (copy enclosed).

If you are aware of a member or members in your local who you feel would be interested in applying for one of these positions, could you please ensure that they are provided with this information. In addition, we would also ask that the attached notice be posted as it may not always be apparent that some members belong to an equity seeking group and they may wish to apply. As well, please be aware of those members who may be unable to read the poster, for example those who have visual impairments, and advise them directly of this initiative.

How to apply

The applicants must submit a letter that outlines the following:

  • Name, address, phone number, work location, membership number.
  • Position for which they are applying
  • Woman
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Lesbian and Gay man
  • Member with Disabilities
  • Person of Colour
  • Any other information concerning their group identification they would like considered or they feel is in some way relevant. (e.g., the particular visible minority or Aboriginal community to which they belong, the type of disability they have). Please note that this information is voluntary. We would like applicants to identify themselves in the way they feel is most appropriate.
  • Union involvement (e.g., positions held, conferences attended, courses taken and so on).
  • Community involvement (e.g., involvement in community organizations that address issues for the particular group they are applying to represent, not general community involvement).
  • Experience in designing workshops or training modules and/or providing training to groups of people on various topics (optional).
  • Reason they are applying and qualifications they feel they would bring to the position. If they have a "vision" of where they feel Equal Opportunities committee work should go, they are invited to include this in their application.

The deadline for application is November 15, 2002. The applicant should send the application directly to the Component office.

If further information is required, please contact Lina Ruel at the Component office or myself at (506) 636-4603 or use the e-mail Ruell@ute-sei.org or cassidl@nb.sympatico.ca

In Solidarity,

Linda Cassidy
Equal Opportunities Committee
Union of Taxation Employees
Equal Opportunities Committee

Terms of Reference


1. Policy Statement:

The UTE Component supports equal opportunity for all members regardless of sex, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability, race, colour, ethnic / national origin, religious belief, political belief, marital status, family status or conviction for which a pardon has been granted.

2. Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide support and guidance to members regarding equal opportunities issues.
  • To promote a greater understanding of issues relating to equal opportunities
  • To monitor the implementation of Employment Equity/Diversity Programs and to recommend action as necessary
  • To develop awareness of Equity/Diversity issues, in particular those associated with Employment Equity and to develop support for these issues among union members and the public
  • To consult and collaborate with the employer on all aspects of Employment Equity and to ensure abidance of the legislation by the employer.
  • To liaise with other organizations both outside the union and within to ensure that the needs of members are taken into consideration
  • To identify emerging Equity/Diversity issues of concern to union members and to recommend action as necessary
  • To develop and deliver Regional and National Equal Opportunities Conferences.

3. The committee shall consist of:

  • two national officers of which one shall be appointed chairperson
  • one member elected by the local presidents
  • one member representing each of the designated equity groups to be selected by a committee consisting of the two national officers and the member elected by local presidents, for ratification by the Executive Council. The selection shall be done utilizing an input call requesting CV’s of interested members.
  • Labour Relations Officer assigned as the Staff Advisor to the Committee

4. Duties of the Chairperson:

  • In general be responsible for equal opportunities issues.
  • Co-ordinate the efforts of the EOC
  • Represent the Component on the PSAC EOC
  • Ensure that the minutes of all meetings and all relevant correspondence are issued to the members of the committee
  • Provide advice to the Component on EO issues
  • Responsible for approving all official communications by the EO Committee
  • Responsible for recommending the expenditure of the EO budget on behalf of the Committee
  • With the assistance of the Committee, organize and deliver Regional and National Equal Opportunities Conferences.

5. Duties of EO Committee Members:

  • Under the direction of the EO Chairperson;
  • Initiate a network and maintain contact with members who belong to the representative group and disseminate information to said members on a national basis. Encourage participation of the members in their union.
  • Maintain contacts with regional and national community organizations concerned with the committee members portfolio
  • Actively participate in and promote UTE and PSAC campaigns involving EO issues
  • Keep the EOC informed of their activities
  • Provide input to the development of the Regional Conferences and the National Conference
  • Participate in the Regional Conferences as required
  • Participate in the national Conference

6. Meetings:

The Committee shall meet at least four times per year.

  • The Committee shall meet with the employer as required.


The Union of Taxation Employees is looking for representatives to be on their National Equal Opportunities committee. You may apply if you are a member of the following groups:

  • Women
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Lesbian and Gay
  • Persons with a disability
  • Persons of Colour

If you are interested, please contact:

DEADLINE: November 15, 2002