Minutes of the Executive Council

July 19, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 3:30 p.m.  President Campbell was presiding.  In attendance: Marc Brière, Madonna Gardiner, Wayne Little, Bob Carpenter, Gary Esslinger, Adam Jackson, Jamie vanSydenborgh, Ken Bye, Bill Blair, Sabri Khayat, Denis Lalancette, Doug Gaetz, Pierrette Labrie and Annette Melanson.

Brother Campbell welcomed the four new Regional Vice-Presidents who were elected earlier during the week and Sister Madonna Gardiner also newly elected Second National Vice-President and gave them some points of information.

Bob Carpenter, Rocky Mountains Region
Denis Lalancette, Quebec Region
Wayne Little, Pacific Region
Ken Bye, Greater Toronto Region

m/s  Doug Gaetz / Denis Lalancette

That the Bargaining Team remains as it is and that the 2nd NVP, Sister Gardiner be added to the team as an observer as it is her portfolio.

  • Recorded vote #1. MOTION CARRIED.


m/s  Doug Gaetz / Gary Esslinger

That the RVPs sitting on the Executive Committee be chosen by seniority for a 1 (one) year term starting today as follows.

  1. Sabri Khayat
  2. Doug Gaetz
  3. Gary Esslinger
  • Recorded Vote #2.  MOTION CARRIED.


President Campbell indicated that as it is the case after every Convention, it was time again to look at the structure of UTE Standing Committees.  To this effect, he asked all RVPs to provide 3 choices by August 15, 2014 of their preferences in committee participation, to indicate the position they would like to hold within those committees and why. He reminded Council Members that this item will be submitted at the September Executive Council meeting for ratification.  Furthermore, for the committees whose Chairs have left, Co-Chairs will step up until the September meeting as per Regulation.


m/s  Gary Esslinger / Jamie vanSydenborgh

That the signing authorities be as follows:

Bob Campbell, Marc Brière, Annette Melanson and Shane O’Brien.

  • Recorded Vote #3.  MOTION CARRIED


President Campbell indicated that there will be a retreat for Council Members sometime before the end of the year or beginning of the New Year. 

The meeting adjourned at 4h00 p.m.

______________________    ______________________   
Bob Campbell
National President
Marc Brière
First National Vice-President