By-Laws Committee

Minutes of the By-Laws Committee Meeting

March 22-23, 2007

Chris Aylward – Chair
Sabri Khayat
David Quist
Kent MacDonald – Staff Advisor

1) Regulation 20.1 Members with Disability

The 1st Vice-President requested the committee review this regulation, as it appears that there were some issues of a financial nature that were missing from the regulation.

The committee reviewed the regulation and the committee is recommending the following amendments be submitted to the March 2007 Executive Council.

Be it resolved that Regulation 20.1 be amended as follows:
(Amendments are in bold italics)


(1) UTE shall establish an assistance fund for Locals to ensure that members with disability are informed about union activities and given access to them.

(2) A budget of five thousand ($5000) per year shall allotted for this fund.

(3) Locals applying for this fund shall be asked to submit the following information in writing:

(a) The type of activity, dates and location where the activity will take place, the amount or estimated amount of the request and;

(b) The reason for requesting assistance.

(4) The request for funding shall be submitted to the 1st Vice-President responsible for Finance for approval or in their absence, the President.

(5)The Local, after spending the funds, shall submit an expense claim with all receipts.

2) Regulation 15 Non UTE Events

The committee was requested to consider adding guidelines or a definition of a non UTE event to the regulation.

In the process of reviewing the regulation, the committee became aware that the French and English versions had different wording. In the French version, the title, 15.1(1) and 15.1(2)(a) had the additional word “syndicaux”. As the regulation was originally created in English, the committee will ensure the French version is corrected.

As for adding guidelines or a definition of a Non UTE Event, the committee is of the opinion it is too difficult to determine what is or is not a non UTE event and that each request must be considered on its own merits.

3) Resolution of Records

The committee located the October 2004 resolution “Donation/Sponsorship Line Item” which needs to be added to the resolutions of record. The resolution will be added to Appendix A as item 17a.

4) Presentation at the March 2007 Presidents Conference

The committee prepared its presentation that will speak to the issue of local by-laws complying with the PSAC constitution and the UTE By-laws. In addition, providing suggestions on the format of local by-laws and having discussions on different aspects cover in the by-laws.

(presentation in PDF format)