Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

November 1 - 2, 2002

The committee reviewed the UTE-SEI website and made the following recommendations to the national president:

  1. Change the President’s Message to; President’s Welcoming Message. Rational: This is a static welcome message not an ongoing message.
  2. The page after the language select page, be changed to a tabular newspaper style with three columns. 1st column being our menu system, 2nd column being used for a random generated picture, and the 3rd column being used for news, updates and headlines.
  3. Change our menu from a static menu system to a dynamic menu that will open up when your mouse goes over it.
  4. The National President direct all Committees to review, and update their own web space, and that it be the responsibility of the Committees to maintain their web space.
  5. All committees’ minutes are completed in a standardized format.
  6. There are email addresses and links to all committee members.
  7. All pages that link to other areas are updated – i.e. President’s report has a report on H&S- the report has a link to the H&S committee page.
  8. All email links on the Contact Us page be updated.
  9. Replace the UTE ONLINE with our logo.
  10. Institute a Pilot Project: - a 6 Month Discussion Group Page, (a general discussion forum.)
  11. National Officers immediately review their biographies to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  12. A site map and search engine is developed.
  13. A President’s column is developed on recent issues of importance to the membership, and on the President’s activities.
  14. All Executive Council’s email address is changed to the standard address.