Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

April 16 - 17, 2002

The committee met in Ottawa April 16, 17, 2002 and after review of the previous minutes and discussion, the committee came up with recommendations that we will table before the council for your consideration and approval.

Recommendation # 1

Communications Officer - The committee recommends that a Communications Officer be hired.

Recommendation # 2

The UTE National web site. The committee recommends to restructure the website to use drop down menus.

Recommendation # 3

The committee recommends to revamp the wording of the headings on the menus for clarity.

Recommendation # 4

The committee recommends to use a “new” flag that be updated weekly.

Recommendation # 5

The committee recommends a President’s column on recent issues that may be important to the membership and on the President’s activities.

Recommendation # 6

The committee recommends to include a site map and search engine.

Recommendation # 7

The committee recommends that the current website to remain up until the new site has been completed then reviewed by the Communications Committee and Executive Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Gil Folkedahl
Chairperson of the Committee