Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

September 8 - 10, 2005

The Committee met in Ottawa from September 8th to the 10th, with the following members in attendance: Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Bob Campbell and Susan Duncan.

The Committee prepared the September newsletter for publication and had a general discussion on other UTE communication items. The following agenda items were discussed:

  • Help Book
  • Achievements Book
  • Owner’s Manual
  • New User Presentation
  • 40th Year Anniversary

Help Book

We examined the Help Book in order to update it.  The first section of the Help Book will be replaced by our Phone Book.  The other portions of the Help Book are resources that are produced and sent out whenever changes are made.  We should encourage the locals to put their updates in the book.  New Locals should receive a completed book.

Achievements Book

We examined the Achievements Book in order to update it.  Brother Campbell will ask the chairs of each committee to examine the portions of the achievement book relevant to them and advise us of any changes.

Owner’s Manual

We examined the Owner’s Manual in order to update it. 

New User Presentation

Using London’s new user presentation as a starting point, we created a new user presentation to be shared at the Presidents’ Conference.  Brothers Melanson and Khayat will do the presentation in both official languages.

40th Year Anniversary

The Communications Committee recommends that the National Executive develop a plan to recognize the upcoming 40th year anniversary of UTE.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 on September 10th.