Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

November 17- 19, 2005

The Committee met in Ottawa from November 17 - 19 with the following members in attendance:  Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Bob Campbell and Susan Duncan.

The Committee prepared the December newsletter for publication and had a general discussion on other UTE communication items.   The following agenda items were discussed: 

  • Achievements Book and Owner’s Manual
  • Owner’s Manual
  • New User Presentation
  • 40th Year Anniversary

Achievements Book and Owner’s Manual

We have not received updates from all of the Committees and will bring this item forward to our next meeting.

New User Presentation

Brothers Melanson and Khayat presented the new user presentation at the Presidents’ Conference.  This was well received and generated good feedback from attendees.

40th Year Anniversary

This item will be brought forward to our next meeting.

Items for Next Meeting

  • Questionnaire on the web for questions/feedback/suggestions for the newsletter