Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

June 8, 2009

The committee met in Ottawa at the National Office of UTE on June 8th 2009. In attendance were Brothers Barry Melanson, Sabri Khayat, Sister Susan Duncan and the Chair Brother Bob Campbell.

The National President referred to the Committee the following resolution that was passed at the March 2009 President’s Conference:

WHEREAS UTE has a national internet site; and

WHEREAS the internet is a modern and effective form of communication and point of contact for our members.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT UTE National President direct the Communications Committee to undergo research into the feasibility of creating a blog or chat forum on the UTE National web site, where members can communicate with each other nationally; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Communications Committee submits this report as a separate and distinct item under their Committee report at the June 2009 Executive Council meeting for council review with a Committee Recommendation on whether or not it should be implemented; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Executive Council reviews and discusses this report along with the Committee Recommendations at the June 2009 Council Meeting and report the complete findings at the Fall 2009 Presidents’ Conference.

Conclusions of the Committee:

Based on the definition of a Blog (See attached document) the Committee does not believe a Blog would meet the intent of this resolution.
Susan Duncan the Staff Advisor completed research, into Blogs, Internet Forum, Online Chat and Chat Forums prior to the Committee meeting. Please see attached information.

Based on this research the Committee had lengthy discussions on the pros and cons of blogs, on line chats and forums.

The Committee believes the intent of the resolution was to research the feasibility of either a forum or an on line chat. The Committee believes there could be some benefit to either a member or a local with the on-line sharing of information and ideas. The possibility of getting answers to questions quickly or seeing how someone else handled a problem could also be beneficial.

The Committee believes the cons out weigh the pros, with the risk of incorrect information being passed, the requirement for translation, and the large amount of staff time that must be committed to monitor and administer the site etc.

Recommendation #1

The Committee recommends that the Union of Taxation Employees not pursue creating a blog or chat forum on the UTE web site at this time or in the foreseeable future.

The President requested that the Committee review the use of the name “Union of Taxation Employees” on public sites such as the Web, Facebook, Blogs and Youtube, etc. 

The Committee reviewed various sites and makes the following recommendation.

Recommendation #2

The Committee recommends that the National UTE President issue a Bulletin to all Members, Locals, Executive Council and Staff informing them of a standard procedure for naming sites. All sites should be named with the Local, City or Region before the name Union of Taxation Employees. This is to differentiate all sites from the official National site.    

In Solidarity
Bob Campbell