Communications Committee

Minutes of the Communications Committee Meeting

November 16 - 18, 2010

The Committee met in Ottawa at the National UTE Office from November 16th to November 18th, 2010.  All members were in attendance: Brothers Barry Melanson and Sabri Khayat, Sister Susan Duncan and the Chair of the Committee, Brother Bob Campbell.

The Committee prepared the December 2010 Union News for publication.

The Committee reviewed the results from their questionnaire and will address some of the comments provided.  In December’s 2010 edition, two of the comments/questions were addressed.  In future editions the Committee will address why it takes so long for a union card, and why we do not send the Union News by email.  Members of the Committee will bring back the questionnaire comments to review and comment upon.

The Committee discussed the Catherine Swift letter from National President, Betty Bannon.  The Committee felt that further work could be done on this topic and suggest that the Political Action Committee take on this project.

The Committee would like to send out a reminder to the members, via the locals, about the research questionnaire.  This research has not had sufficient response to date, and is potentially valuable to us as the results/information will be shared with us once complete.  We hope that the reminder will be sent from the National President.

The Committee will investigate the use of software to create cartoon style Youtube videos as recent PSAC NO videos have been shown to be very effective in spreading a message.