Employee Assistance Program

Minutes of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

October 16, 2002


Shawn Bergeron
Diana Gee
Doug Gaetz
Lina Ruel

Review of ongoing EAP items

Since new members joined the committee, it was essential to update all participants on the new policies and the changes introduced to the EAP in CCRA in the last two years.

The committee reviewed and discussed the following items:

  • Minutes of previous National EAP Advisory Committee meetings ( Dec. 2000,June 29th, 2001 (briefing), Sept 2001, April 23, 2002
  • EAP Policy
  • Terms of Reference - National EAP Advisory Committee
  • Terms of Reference - Local EAP Advisory Committee
  • Recommendations (60) as a result of the EAP Evaluation by Managed Employee Assistance
  • MEA (Managed Employee Assistance) EAP Action Plan
  • EAP reports (forms) for Counsellors
  • EAP reports (forms) for Referral Agents
  • Statement of Work for Outside Contractors
  • Utilization Rates for 2001-2002

National EAP Advisory Committee Meeting

In preparation for a meeting of the National Advisory Committee, the committee reviewed the agenda and prepared their comments on the following items:

  • Request for Information (EAP providers)
  • Pacific Regional EAP Audit
  • Statistics
  • EAP Promotion (Planner & communication strategy)
  • EAP Training
  • EAP Budgets
  • EAP Action Plan

Referral agents

We will be asking the Employer to provide us with the number of referral agents in CCRA. We are aware that in certain regions, the coordinators counselors are recruiting members to become referral agents. Under the new Program, unions no longer have a voice in the selection of referral agents. Therefore, at the local level, we should be watchful of the activities and the role that Referral agents play, they should not be providing advice and counseling. At the next Presidents conference, we will ask to do a short presentation on the role of RA.

In December and in January 2003, CCRA will be giving a referral agent course. We will ask if two members of our committee can attend. It is important that we be informed of the content of the course and its message.