Employee Assistance Program

Minutes of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

September 2 and 3, 2009


Doug Gaetz
Corina Gladney
Terry Dupuis
Lson Paquette

The committee met in Ottawa to review the following questionnaires:

1.    MAY 2009 - EAP Questionnaire Part I – Local Advisory Committee - 2007-2008

The members analyzed the results of the questionnaire presented in a summary report.  The members prepared the conclusion and the recommendations.  It was decided that:

  1. A summary report including the reference to the locals will be sent to the Regional Vice Presidents with restriction and confidentiality.
  2. A summary report with no reference to the locals will be provided electronically to all locals after President’s Conference.
  3. A Power Point presentation will be prepared including some of the findings to be presented at President’s conference.
  4. A Memorandum with the Terms of Reference of the Local EAP Advisory Committees and the Employer’s list of LACs will be distributed at Presidents’ conference.
  5. The summary report with no reference to the locals will be provided to the Employer at the National Business meeting of September 28, 2009.

2.    MAY 2009 - EAP Questionnaire Part II – 2010 EAP NATIONAL CONFERENCE - NOVEMBER 19-21, 2010

The Committee members reviewed the results of the UTE questionnaire and statistical information to determine the topics of the workshops for the 2010 National Conference.  A draft Agenda was also prepared and budgetary consideration was reviewed.  The committee agrees that more time is required to organize the Conference and that further meetings will be necessary.


Doug Gaetz
UTE Employee Assistance Program Committee