Well-Being Committee

Minutes of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Committee

JUNE 24, 2009

Doug Gaetz
Corina Gladney
Lyson Paquette

Terry Dupuis

The committee met in Ottawa for a few hours on the morning of the 24th of June, 2009.

1. UTE Questionnaire

The members reviewed briefly the results of the questionnaires and the draft summary report.  It was agreed that this information would be analyzed at the next meeting to be held in September 2009.

2. National EAP Advisory Committee Meeting Preparation

The members reviewed the Employee Assistance Program Annual Report 2008-2009 and the statistical information regarding the utilization of EAP services.  Moreover, the members reviewed an e-mail regarding questions on “Managing Suicidal Calls Training”.


Doug Gaetz
UTE Employee Assistance Program Committee