Harassment Committee (disbanded 2015)

Minutes of the Harassment Committee Meeting

JANUARY 12-13, 2011
In attendance:       Cosimo Crupi Chairperson
  Jean-Pierre Fraser Co-Chairperson
  Christine McLennan Presidents’ Representative
Absent:  Lyson Paquette Technical Advisor

opening remarks

Brother Cosimo Crupi, Regional Vice-President, Northern and Eastern Ontario, and Union Chairperson, welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated that he was looking forward to productive discussions on the agenda items. Brother Shane O’Brien provided assistance since the Technical Advisor was unavailable during our meeting.   


The agenda was adopted as presented.

2. Review minutes of last meeting

The Committee reviewed the minutes of the last meeting – Conference Call – August 3, 2010.  It was noted that more details were needed.  The Chairperson acknowledged that in the future, the Committee will try and meet when everyone is available.

3. Terms of REference

The Committee read and reviewed the Terms of Reference.  The Committee has noticed some housekeeping issues that need to be addressed.

The Terms of Reference currently refer to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) – The Committee Recommends changing the reference to reflect the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

No Further amendments are required and the Committee feels the Terms of Reference are in order.

4. Position paper regarding grievance / harassment complaints

The Committee will be presenting two (2) recommendations to the Executive Council.  One regards filing of grievance and one to consult/discuss with the employer the above mentioned position and to advocate that harassment grievance level should be heard at the Assistant Commissioner level.

The background information and recommendations are attached to these minutes.

See attachment preamble document

The Committee decided to go to item 11.


The Committee is proposing to add a Tool Box on the UTE Web Site to facilitate quick access to documents related to Harassment/Discrimination.  The committee reviews documents to be included in the tool box.

In reviewing the documents, the Committee has identified changes/corrections to be made.

a) Bulletin 16/07 – October 1, 2007 – Is it Harassment? Factors to consider

The Committee reviewed the document and is recommending that a new bulletin be issued to update the information found in Bulletin 16/07.

  • Employer’s definition of new harassment policy 2009;
  • Review of the examples and case law to ensure that they are still pertinent and if necessary add new case law.  Sister Lyson Paquette will be responsible for the review;

b) Annual Statistical Forms  

The Committee recommends to add a no case (complaint/grievance) box and to have the form in a fillable format.  Sister Lyson Paquette will be responsible.


a) Union of Taxation Employee’s Anti-Harassment Policy

The Committee reviewed the UTE Anti-Harassment Policy and will be recommending some amendments to the Executive Council in the near future.

The proposed amendments are:

  • The current policy has no specific time limits, the Committee feels that the following sentence could be added; “The policy promotes the prevention of harassment and focuses on its prompt resolution;
  • Housekeeping change – Any reference to Regulation 22 be changed to reflect the correct Regulation 26 – Disciplinary Procedures;
  • Definition of Harassment needs to be modernized to reflect all kinds of harassment.

The Committee will review the “proposed amended policy” before presenting a recommendation to the Executive Council.

b) Guidelines on Union Intervention in Harassment Cases – Member against Member in the Workplace

The Committee reviews the Guidelines and will present a recommendation to the Executive Council.

  • Any reference to CCRA in the document be changed to reflect the CRA;
  • Re-write 1)ii) to reflect the following:
    ii)  Related articles of the Collective Agreement:  Grievance Procedures, Article 18, No Discrimination, Article 19, Sexual Harassment, Article 20;
  • The committee would like to see the Different Situations Section in the English document formatted differently to reflect the same spacing as the French version;
  • The Committee would like to have hyperlink added when it refers to document.

6. Review of Statistical information 

The Committee reviewed the Statistical Information provided by the Locals and the Employer for the last 3 years.
The Committee’s observations are as follow:

  • Noted that the employer’s number of complaints filed were much higher than those numbers provided by the Locals;
  • Not all locals are complying to the request to submit the Statistical Information Forms;
  • Some Statistical Information Forms submitted were incomplete.

7. Harassment awareness sessions

The Committee reviewed the information received by the Locals regarding the Preventing and Resolving Harassment sessions, 14 Locals have not yet responded to our request.

Based on the information received, Locals have Union Facilitators trained.  Sessions have begun and/or completed.  There is a discrepancy at the Regional Level on whether all employees will receive the new Sessions.

The Committee will request a follow up to the locals.  Sister Lyson Paquette will be responsible.

8. Discussion with the employer on union/management approval of investigators

The Committee reviewed the two (2) letters addressed to the Employer dated September 29, 2005, and July 5, 2007.  In these letters, the UTE National Harassment Committee was proposing to the employer (CRA) that the Union be consulted in the choice of investigators.  The employer’s position was, at that time, that the decision on the choice of investigators was taken locally and regionally.  Consequently, the employer decided not to reply to the request as it was out of their jurisdiction (National). 

As this point, no further actions are needed.

9. Discussion on investigation guide for the policy on the prevention and resolution of harassment in the workplace

This item was withdrawn.


The Committee reviewed the UTE Harassment Case Fact Sheet and is recommending the following changes:

  • Pages 15 and 31, to change CCRA to CRA;
  • Try to change the form to a fillable form;
  • Include hyperlink to the reference documents such as: Guidelines on Union Intervention in Harassment Cases – Member against Member in the Workplace; PSAC information (Policy 23A)

11. Proposal of a tool box (continued)

The Committee is proposing a tool box be included in the UTE Website under the Harassment Committee.
The hyperlinks to the following documents should be included in the tool box.

  • UTE Achievements - Harassment
  • Bulletin 17/07 – Understanding Harassment to make it easier to identify
  • Bulletin xxx 2011 updating bulleting 17/07 (to be done)
  • UTE Anti-Harassment Policy
  • UTE Guidelines on Union Intervention cases – Member against Member in the Workplace
  • UTE – Harassment Case-Fact Sheet
  • Bulletin 16/07 – Is it Harassment? Factors to consider
  • CRA Preventing and Resolving Harassment Policy
  • CRA Guidelines on Preventing and Resolving Harassment
  • CRA Conflict Resolution Policy
  • Jacquie de Aguayo’s speech – September 2006 President’s Conference “Harassment – How do you know whether it is or it isn’t?”
  • Statistics Form – Harassment Cases – Fillable
  • Guidelines on Union Intervention in Harassment Cases – PSAC Policy 23A
  • Regulation 26 (UTE) – Disciplinary Procedures
  • Terms of Reference of the UTE National Harassment Committee
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission

12. recommendation to present the new cra policy ON PREVENTION AND RESOLUTION OF HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE at presidents’ conference

The Committee agrees that a presentation at a Presidents’ Conference on the 2009 Employer’s Policy on Prevention and Resolution of Harassment in the Workplace should be given.  Sister Paquette will contact the employer on this matter.