Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the Health and Safety Committee

December 5 & 6, 2003

1. Regional Health and Safety Conferences

The committee reviewed the comments and evaluation submitted by the participants at our four regional conferences. In summary, participants found the conference informative, interesting and beneficial. Many participants suggested that the conference should be for two days instead of 1.5 day. We will look into the difference in the cost.

2. National Health and Safety Conference

The conference will be held in Ottawa from May 27-30, 2004. Decisions were made on the agenda of the conference, the objectives, the theme, the workshops, the speakers, the funding of participants per local, the role of the Regional Vice-presidents. Detailed information will be provided to the locals by mid March.

In order to ensure that we have the accurate number of local workplace committees, a memo will be sent out to all locals to verify the information on our most recent list.

3. PSAC National Health and Safety Conference

PSAC will be holding their National Health and Safety conference in Toronto from March 25th – 28th, 2004. We expect that approximately 30 UTE members will receive full subsidy to attend. Participants will be debating resolutions in respect to the issues of health and safety in the workplace. UTE will organize a caucus to review the resolutions and other related issues.

4. Presidents’ Conference (March 2004)

We will arrange for a presentation on “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities / Scents” to be presented at the conference.

5. Best Practices – Local Initiatives

The committee would like to recognize the work done locally to promote health and safety in the workplace. Norbert will send out a memo to all locals asking if they have certain “best practices” that they would like to share.

Denis will approach the Honours and Awards committee to see if formal recognition (awards) should be given to some of these locals. Recognition could be given at the March Presidents’ conference.