Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee Meeting

November 25, 2004

DATE: November 25, 2004 TIME: 1:30pm-2:45pm

LOCATION: 8th Floor Board Room, 200 Laurier Ave. W.

ATTENDEES: Management Union
  Dan Tucker (Management Co-Chair)
James Ralston
Fred Neergaard (Alternate)
Claude Tremblay
Leon Page (Committee Secretary)
Marilyn White (Alternate Union Co-Chair)
Lina Ruel (Alternate UTE)
Barb Bell (CEUDA)
Harry Walker (PIPSC)
Observers: Greta Hill
Jaime Robinson
Paul Bruce
Bruno Loranger (CEUDA)
Norm Barnoff (PIPSC)
Absent: Jean Laronde
Jocelyn Malo
Betty Bannon (UTE)
Chris Aylward (UTE)


The Co-chairs welcomed the members to the meeting and indicated that they looked forward to a productive afternoon. The Management Co-chair noted that this was the last meeting of the year, and that good progress had been made on various issues over the past year. The Management Co-chair advised the Committee that the Terms of Reference and meeting minutes of this Committee were available now on the National Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) website. Also, with flu season upon us, Management had sent out a reminder to the regions, confirming the CRA’s position to allow the use of its premises to hold flu shot clinics. A link to Health Canada’s Influenza information web page has also been added to the website.


The Committee was informed that representatives from Management and the Unions met on October 21, 2004, and tentatively agreed on a priority ranking of the Job Hazard Analysis common issues. It was agreed that the ranking would be high to low, rather than numerical, due to the links between the various issues. The Committee agreed with the ranking of the recommendations (copy attached). Work would now begin on implementing the highest rated recommendations.

The Unions raised their concern again regarding employees working alone. Management agreed that it would review the Access Control Policy and look into what local policies and procedures were in place for employees working alone during silent hours, with respect to the Unions’ concerns, and would report back to the Committee.


The Committee was advised that a number of factors, such as the recent labour disruption within the Agency, had caused delays in scheduling the first meeting of the working group. However, the working group was now ready to proceed and a meeting would be scheduled shortly.


An electronic copy of the Report on Advocacy Group Activities, covering the period February 1 to July 31, 2004, was forwarded to Committee members on September 29, 2004. The next semi-annual report, covering August 1, 2004 to January 31, 2005 would be forwarded as soon as it was available. As well, on October 26, 2004, the Security Incident Report covering July 1 to September 30, 2004, was provided to Committee members.

The Committee agreed to consider whether or not to release the Security Incident Report statistical summary to the Work Place Committees. Management would also confirm whether the Security Incident Report included internal incidents.


The Committee was advised that Management was waiting for the Unions’ final feedback regarding the report on the National Building Fire Evacuation Review.


Management distributed an updated list of CRA locations containing fitness facilities as of October 29, 2004.

The Committee was informed that, at this time, the Agency was not acquiring any new space for fitness facilities due to limitations imposed by Public Works and Government Services Canada. These limitations related to costs, space requirements, and intended use of facilities.

A plan for dealing with liability issues has been developed for CRA locations that currently have fitness facilities in place, which involves a 3-phase approach that requires the following:

  • the establishment of an incorporated non-profit organization (volunteer employee committee);
  • the purchase of liability insurance by the non-profit organization;
  • the implementation of a “use of facilities” agreement between the non-profit organization and the CRA.


The Committee was advised that the Union wanted to revisit some of the Working Group’s proposed changes to the Policy. The members of the Working Group would clarify these sections and the draft Policy would be shared with the Policy Committee before the next meeting.


The Committee was advised that the English Train-the-Trainer session was scheduled for January 25 to February 3, 2005. Upon the conclusion of the training, there would be 44 trainers available to conduct Work Place Committee training. A French Train-the-Trainer session would be scheduled in the near future.

The Committee was advised that the Training and Learning Directorate would now be responsible for printing and distributing the OHS course manuals for the CRA. This would eliminate the need for course participants having to print their own manuals. This change was made to facilitate the role of the trainers by ensuring that all participant manuals were identical.

As discussed at previous meetings, the Training and Learning Directorate was conducting a review of the learner’s evaluations and would be preparing a preliminary report on the possibility of incorporating a blended learning strategy into the Work Place Committee Training program. This report would be shared with the Committee, once available.

Management also advised the Committee that it would share a draft of the Health and Safety Training package for Managers, as soon as it was available.



The Unions indicated that they would like an update on the status of defibrillators in the CRA before the next meeting.

The Co-chairs thanked the Committee members for their constructive participation in addressing the various agenda items, and wished everyone a happy holiday season. The 2005 meetings are scheduled for February 24th, May 26th, September 8th and November 24th.

Original signed by

D.G.J. Tucker
Management Co-chair
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

February 7, 2005

Original signed by           

Marilyn White
Alternate Union Co-chair
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

February 3, 2005