Health and Safety Committee

National Health and Safety Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2005

DATE:  September 8, 2005 TIME:  1:30 pm-3:45 pm

LOCATION:  8th Floor Boardroom, 200 Laurier Ave. W.






Lysanne Gauvin (Management Co-Chair)
James Ralston
Jocelyn Malo
Claude Tremblay
Leon Page
 (Committee Secretary)

Bruce Lawrence

Marilyn White (Alternate Union Co-Chair)
Chris Aylward  (UTE)
Lina Ruel (Alternate UTE)
Barb Bell (CEUDA)
Harry Walker (PIPSC)

Observers Jaime Robinson
Paul Bruce
Édith Bélanger
Francine Stuart (CEUDA)
Absent Jean Laronde Betty Bannon



The Unions welcomed the new Management Co-Chair to the Committee, who then acknowledged all the hard work that has been undertaken by the Committee up to this point, and expressed a desire for continued progress. 

A discussion was held concerning the Temporary Energy Conservation Initiative in Ontario during the summer.  Management agreed that the Committee should have been consulted on this initiative before the memorandum was sent out.  The Committee agreed that site-specific concerns should be addressed at the local level.


The Committee was provided with an update on the status of work underway on the high priority items, as follows:

Work Place Committee Member and Health and Safety Representatives Policy
The Committee was advised that the Unions’ feedback had been reviewed and was being incorporated into the draft policy. Management advised that the draft policy would be finalized and shared with the Unions by early fall.

Health and Safety Training for Managers
The Committee was advised that the OHS Awareness Session for Managers had been updated, based on the feedback received from the Unions and the Regions.  The next step would be to conduct a pilot session, which would consist of 8 – 10 managers from Headquarters and the Northern Ontario Region, as well as observers.  It was agreed that two Union Members of the NHSPC would be observers at the pilot session. 

JHA Common Issues Recommendations / Agency OHS Audit Action Plan Consolidation

The Unions agreed that they would identify a representative to participate on the Working Group to consolidate the OHS Audit Action Plan with the JHA Common Issues Recommendations.



A draft memorandum, outlining what should be considered in locations where employees work after hours, was discussed by the Committee.  Based on this discussion, the memorandum would be updated and shared with the Committee, for review and comments.


The local Work Place Committee that referred this issue to the NHSPC was advised that, following a significant amount of discussion at the NHSPC, the CRA would not support a defibrillator program at the national or local level.  However, the Committee did recognize the importance of having employees at every work place trained to administer CPR, and issued a memorandum to all regions advising them of the importance of this training. 


The Committee was brought up to date on the status of the draft communications materials that had been distributed to the Regional Sustainable Development Coordinators and the NHSPC Committee members, for review and comments.  Since the Committee members confirmed that they were in agreement with the contents of the communications package, the documents would now be finalized and sent out to the regions. 

The Committee was advised that the No Waste Implementation Guide was being finalized, and would be forwarded to Committee members before the end of September 2005.  The revised Guide, as well as the communications materials would reiterate that the standard approach for emptying garbage would be to have the housekeeping staff perform these duties. 


The Committee was reminded that the Working Group report had been finalized and sent to Committee members for their review and comments.  A presentation of the final report was made to the Committee, followed by a discussion of the report.  The Committee was advised that the next step was to present the report to the Agency Management Committee. Following this, the Agency would proceed with the Job Hazard Analyses for Field Employees, in consultation with this Committee.

A discussion was held concerning a committee that had been established by the Investigations Directorate of the Compliance Programs Branch to address concerns regarding the safety of Investigators and Special Enforcement Auditors during the execution of their duties.  The NHSPC was informed that the work that was done by the National Investigations Safety Committee would be used to support the JHA for Field Employees.


The Committee was advised that the Report on Advocacy Group Activities, covering the period April 1 to June 30, 2005, and the Quarterly Security Incident Report covering the same period, were provided to the Committee members on July 15, 2005.  As well, the statistical summary portion of the Quarterly Security Incident Report was forwarded to Work Place Health and Safety Committees, for their review, with instructions that any discrepancies in the summary report were to be addressed with the local security office. 

The Committee agreed that, based on discussions concerning the Quarterly Security Incident Report, the procedures for reporting security incidents to the Police would be reviewed.  As well, the procedures for reporting incidents in this report would be assessed to ensure that the report addresses how each incident was resolved.  In addition, the area of distribution would be reviewed to determine if it should be distributed to a wider audience.  The Committee also agreed that the distribution lists for the statistical summary portion of the Quarterly Security Incident Report and the Report on Advocacy Group Activities would be reviewed. 

The Committee was advised that further to a recent concern that was raised regarding deadly force comments on a website, a review was conducted of the steps taken to address this issue.  It was determined that these comments were not new on this web site, which had been under constant monitoring by the Security Directorate since 2000.  Discussions had previously taken place with Legal Services, the Crown prosecutor, the police and the Unions’ legal services, resulting in a determination that the website did not constitute a threat under the Criminal Code of Canada.  The website continues to be monitored in order to identify any threats or statements that are clearly threatening or offensive.  If such a communication were detected, the Unions would be notified of the content and location of the threat and, on request, the parties would meet to discuss whether further action could be taken.


The Committee was informed that the site-specific issues identified by the Working Group had been shared with, and addressed at, the local level.

The Committee was also advised that the Security Policy on Building Emergency Planning (Chapter 3) and its pertinent guidelines were reviewed and updated, and would be shared with the Committee.


The Committee was informed that the Working Group was still dealing with one remaining issue, which it hoped to have resolved in the near future. Subsequently, the updated Policy would be shared with the Committee.


The meeting dates for the 2006 National Health and Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC) Meetings were confirmed as follows:

February 23, 2006
May 25, 2006
September 7, 2006
November 30, 2006

The Committee members were thanked for their participation in addressing the Agenda items.  The next meeting would be held on November 24, 2005.

|Original signed by 

Lysanne M. Gauvin
Management Co-chair
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

November 21, 2005 

Original signed by 

Marilyn White
Alternate Union Co-chair
for Betty Bannon
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

November 17, 2005