Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the Health and Safety Committee

October 13, 2005

The committee met on October 13, 2005 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in attendance were:  Chris Aylward, Kent MacDonald, Norbert Wenzel and Lina Ruel.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by Chair Chris Aylward.  The following items were discussed:

Policy Committee subject items

The committee reviewed all recent subject items being discussed at the Policy Committee.  Further action or discussion is required on the following items:

  • Job Hazard Analysis for Field Workers
    The Job numbers should be added to the jobs identified for the analysis and the results of the study will be shared with the ACS working group

  • Health and Safety Training for Managers
    A pilot presentation will be delivered on October 27th and Chris will attend as an observer and will provide feedback.  It has not been determined who will deliver the training in the field.

  • Quarterly Security Incident Report
    The number listed next to the regions is not the RC number; therefore, there is no indicator of where the incident took place.  We will inform the employer of this anomaly.  We also will stress that if an employee reports an incident, it is important enough to call the police.

  • Review of CRA Policies on First Aid and Workplace H&S Committees
    Chris will request meetings with the Employer to discuss the issues in dispute in order to come to some understanding and conclude the revision of the policies.

Health and Safety Local Contact List

Currently we do not have a list of local health and safety representatives.  Norbert will go to the locals asking them to provide a contact name.    Once the list is compiled we will forward a memo to the identified representatives asking them to forward to the National Office copies of the minutes of the local OSH meetings.  We will also ask for additional information such as “is the employer co-chair of the workplace committee an excluded employee?”

We will try to keep this list up to date at each President’s conference.

White Noise

Chris updated the committee on the White Noise issue that was raised at the September council meeting.  A formal response from the employer is expected in the very near future.

First Aid Attendants (liability)

A memorandum will be issued to all locals outlining the release of liability under the code for first aid attendants; this was also raised at the September Council meeting.  Chris reviewed a draft copy of the memo with the committee.

Canada Labour Code Regulations

Lina provided an update on the CLC regulations on Ergonomics and Violence in the Workplace.

Regional Health and Safety Conferences

The committee had a discussion on Regional Health and Safety Conferences as per the resolution passed at convention.  It was decided that due to the proposed dates for Regional EO Conferences, the Regional Health and Safety Conference will not commence prior to the fall of 2006.

Asbestos (Winnipeg)

The committee also reviewed a situation in the Winnipeg TSO and believes that the employer has done everything expected and acted accordingly.

March Presidents Conference

The committee also discussed preparing a presentation for the March Presidents Conference regarding the selection of committee members and their roles.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.