Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee Meeting

February 24, 2005

DATE: February 24, 2005 TIME: 1:30pm-3:15pm

LOCATION: 8th Floor Board Room, 200 Laurier Ave. W.

ATTENDEES: Management Union
  Dan Coffin (Alternate Management Co-Chair)
James Ralston
Fred Neergaard (Alternate)
Claude Tremblay
Jean Laronde
Leon Page (Committee Secretary)
Marilyn White (Alternate Union Co-Chair)
Chris Aylward (UTE)
Lina Ruel (UTE)
Barb Bell (CEUDA)
Harry Walker (PIPSC)
Observers: Jaime Robinson
Paul Bruce
Jake Baizana (CEUDA)
Martin Ranger (PIPSC)
Absent: Dan Tucker
Jocelyn Malo
Betty Bannon (UTE)


The Committee Co-chairs welcomed the members to the first meeting of 2005. It was noted that three members of the Committee (Marilyn White, Chris Aylward and Leon Page) had attended a conference for all Work Place Committee Co-chairs of the Southern Ontario Region the previous week. The Committee agreed that participation at such conferences provided an excellent opportunity to share information about the roles and responsibilities of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee, as well as to provide an overview of the health and safety issues currently being addressed at the national level. It also provided an opportunity for the National Health and Safety Policy Committee to acknowledge the important role Work Place Committees play in resolving health and safety issues at the local level.


The Committee was provided with an updated list of the Job Hazard Analysis Recommendations (Common Issues), which had been regrouped in order of priority. An update was provided on the status of work underway on the high priority items, as follows:

Work Place Committee Member and Health and Safety Representative Policy
The Committee was advised that call letters were sent to the various stakeholders requesting input on the Policy review. The Unions requested an extension of the deadline to provide their feedback, and to name their representative to work with Management on this initiative.

Bulletin Boards
The Committee agreed that a letter, signed by both Co-chairs, would be sent to local managers, reminding them of the need to make space available on bulletin boards at each work location for posting occupational health and safety information, and identifying the type of documents and information that should be posted.

Emergency Evacuation Plans
The Committee was advised that the recommendation dealing with emergency evacuation plans would now be addressed under the agenda item for the National Building Fire Evacuation Review.

The Committee was also advised that work had commenced on a number of the medium priority recommendations. An update would be provided on those recommendations as work progressed.


The Committee was advised that a survey conducted in the regions confirmed that the current Access Control Policy and Guidelines were being followed, and that no additional local procedures appeared to be in place. While the Committee agreed that the Access Control Policy and Guidelines addressed building perimeter security, there did not appear to be any measures in place to deal with employees working alone on the premises outside core hours. Management indicated that it was still waiting for Union feedback regarding any procedures that were in place at PSAC or PIPSC offices. Management also indicated that it would look at “best practices” that may be in place at other government departments/agencies.


The Committee was advised that there had been a change in the management representatives on the working group. The Working Group representatives were confirmed as follows:

John Andrews, UTE-Belleville TSO, NOR
Joanne McDonnell, UTE-Kingston TSO, NOR
John Kot, PIPSC-Kingston TSO, NOR
Jean Provost, PIPSC-Laval TSO, QR

Don Dewar, Revenue Collections Branch
Marie Bechamp, Compliance Programs Branch
Randy Jenkins, Southern Ontario Region
Marcel Frappier, Finance and Administration Branch
Leon Page and Ted Leindecker, OHS Corporate, Human Resources Branch

A meeting of the Working Group was scheduled for March 11, 2005. Feedback from that meeting would be provided to the Committee members prior to the next NHSPC meeting.


Management confirmed that an electronic copy of the Report on Advocacy Group Activities, covering the period August 1 to December 31, 2004, was forwarded to the Committee members on January 25, 2005. The next report, covering the period January 1 to June 30, 2005, would be forwarded as soon as it was available.

As well, on January 25, 2005, an electronic copy of the quarterly Security Incident Report covering the period October 1 to December 31, 2004, was provided to Committee members.

The Committee agreed that it would be a positive step to distribute the two page statistical summary of the Quarterly Security Incident Report to the Work Place Committees, with the understanding that the information contained therein would be restricted to the local Work Place Committees only. A covering memorandum, which would be jointly signed by the Co-chairs of the Policy Committee, would accompany this summary.


The Committee was advised that the Working Group met on February 23, 2005. As a result of that meeting, a number of issues were identified that require further clarification. Further discussions will take place.


The Committee noted that this issue was originally raised by Customs. As a result, it was agreed that, with the departure of the Customs Branch to CBSA, this was no longer an issue for this Committee.


The Committee was advised that the Working Group was currently addressing one remaining issue on the review of this Policy. However, it was expected that the final draft of the Policy would be shared with the Committee prior to the next NHSPC meeting.


The Committee was advised that the English Train-the-Trainer course took place January 25 to February 3, 2005. As a result, 11 additional employees received the training, bringing the total number of trainers to 39. The French Train-the-Trainer course was expected to take place in April or early May 2005.

The Committee was also advised that the regional annual training plans for Work Place Committee Members Training had now been received, and that 202 Work Place Committee members had been identified as requiring training during 2005. It was noted that since 2003, over 1100 committee members had received the updated Work Place Committee Members Training course.

Based on the feedback received following the recent English Train-the-Trainer session, the Committee was advised that the current Work Place Committee Members Training course would be reviewed for further updating. A Union and Management representative would meet with a representative from the Training and Learning Directorate to discuss suggested changes.


The Committee was advised that a draft Health and Safety Training Package for Managers was currently being developed and would be shared with the Committee for review and comments, as soon as it was available.


The Committee was informed that the “Mini Bin” initiative was part of the overall waste management program under the Sustainable Development Directorate. The rollout of the program varied from location to location, due to municipal/provincial recycling requirements. The success of the program was based on a consultative approach that included providing information to employees on the overall program and the importance of their participation at the local level.

While the Committee supported the concept of a no waste program, there was concern with the inconsistent approach that had been taken to roll out the program across the country. The Committee agreed to consult with the Sustainable Development Directorate to ensure consistent national direction for the rollout of this program.


The Committee was advised that Dan Tucker would be leaving the Agency at the end of April. Accordingly, the members wanted to acknowledge and thank Mr. Tucker for his invaluable contribution to the Committee during his tenure as the Management Co-chair.

The next meeting was scheduled for May 26, 2005.

Original signed by

Dan Coffin
Alternate Management Co-chair
for D.G.J. Tucker
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

May 11, 2005


Original signed by

Marilyn White
Alternate Union Co-chair
for Betty Bannon
National Health and Safety Policy Committee

May 2, 2005