Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee Meeting

November 27, 2008
DATE: November 27, 2008 TIME: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
LOCATION: 8th Floor Board Room, 200 Laurier Ave. W.





Lysanne Gauvin     (Management Co-Chair)
James Ralston
Jocelyn Malo
Claude Tremblay
Jean Laronde

Betty Bannon
     (Union Co-Chair)
Chris Aylward (UTE)
Doug Gaetz (UTE)
Harry Walker (PIPSC)
Doug Mason (PIPSC)


Leon Page  


Paul Bruce
Jaime Robinson
Susan Fagan
Pierre Mulvihill (UTE)
Jean-François Prégent (PIPSC)


John Murphy (REA)
Jane Gowland (REA)



The Management Co-Chair welcomed the Committee members to the meeting and reminded them that, to allow sufficient time for the Resource Environmental Associates (REA) presentation on the draft Phase III Report on the Job Hazard Analysis for Field Employees’ Jobs, the Committee had been supplied with written updates on six (6) ongoing items (attached), in advance of the meeting. The new issues would be discussed following the presentation.

1. job hazard analysis (JHA) for field employees

The Committee received a presentation by REA on the draft Phase III Report. The presentation provided the Committee with details on the various options, including their pros and cons, for improving existing corporate measures and for introducing new ones to enable the CRA to further minimize or eliminate risks and job hazards for Field Employees, to the extent possible.

The Committee was advised that REA would present the draft Phase III Report to the Agency Management Committee (AMC) on December 10, 2008. Based on any feedback from AMC and this Committee, the Phase III Report would then be updated and finalized.

The Committee agreed that a working group would be established to examine the various options presented, and determine how to best address the risks and hazards identified as a result of the JHA. Any recommendations on behalf of the Working Group would be presented to the NHSPC for consideration, and if needed, would subsequently be presented to AMC for approval. The Committee also agreed on the merits of having the Phase III report presented to representatives of the Compliance Program Branch and the Taxpayer Services and Debt Management Branch. Both branches would be asked to identify representatives to participate on the Working Group. As well, the Committee agreed that there would be two employee representatives on the Working Group.

2. cANADA bORDER sERVICES aGENGY (cbsa) arming initiative – cbsa/cra co-location

The Committee discussed the issue of CRA employees who work at in-land locations where there would be armed CBSA employees. The Committee was advised that Management had gathered information on the sites where CRA and CBSA were co-located, and was in the process of reviewing this information to better understand the work environment and the level of interaction between employees of both organizations. Information from CBSA and Citizenship and Immigration Canada would also be reviewed, to assist in identifying possible solutions to address potential risks where CRA employees were co-located with armed Customs staff.

The Committee was reminded that CRA Information Technology staff were at CBSA border locations where CBSA employees are armed. It was agreed that Management would contact CBSA to see what training or instruction packages they had in place for non-armed employees working with armed employees at these locations.

3. violence prevention in the workplace regulation

A presentation was made on the new Canada Labour Code, Part II, Violence Prevention in the Workplace Regulation, and its proposed implementation at the CRA. The Committee agreed to establish a working group, with representatives from the Unions, the Finance and Administration Branch, and the Human Resources Branch, to address the requirements of the Regulation.

4. automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

Based on the understanding that there may be new information that could be considered regarding AEDs, the Committee agreed to establish a working group to review any new documentation or developments and then present its findings to the Committee. The Working Group would also review the legal considerations that are introduced with a 3rd party AED Program administrator, paying particular attention to the accompanying liabilities, roles and responsibilities.


The Unions’ review of the updated BCP Guidelines and the Building Emergency Plan Policy was completed. As agreed at the September 4, 2008 NHSPC meeting, this issue was now closed.


The Committee members were thanked for their valuable participation in addressing the agenda items, and for all the work that had gone into addressing all the issues that had been tackled this year.

The Committee was reminded that the meetings for 2009 were scheduled for February 19th, June 4th, September 10th, and December 3rd.

Wishes were extended for a happy holiday season.

Original signed by                 

Lysanne Gauvin
Management Co-chair
National Health and Safety
   Policy Committee

January 23, 2009      

Original signed by     

Betty Bannon
Union Co-chair
National Health and Safety
Policy Committee

January 19, 2009