Health and Safety Committee

Minutes of the Health and Safety Committee

December 13, 2009

The Chair called the meeting to order at 9:00am with all members in attendance.


  1. Conference Agenda and Registration
  2. Budget
  3. Gifts for guest speakers
  4. Give away to participants
  5. Hospitality Suite/Friday reception
  6. Mondays of  Regional Conferences
  7. National Conference

Conference Agenda and Registration

The agenda for the regional conferences was reviewed.

THEME AND OBJECTIVES:  “A Balanced Approach to Health and Safety”

To provide the participants with the tools to be effective workplace committee members:

  • By providing practical situation scenarios and finding solutions
  • By providing information on current health and safety issues
  • By providing a more global approach to Health and Safety


 9h00              OK -Chris
 9h30              Labour Program Officers are confirmed, Pierre to get names and bios.
10h30             Speakers from Mental Health Assoc. are confirmed, Pierre to get names and bios.
11h30             OK - Pierre
13h15             Create four groups and need answers to questionnaire.
14h30             OK - Chris and he will cover H1N1 flu.
15h15             Norbert will send documents to Pierre for translation
16h30             Denis St-Jean - reconfirm and get bio.


9h00               OK
10h45             Chris is still working on it.
11h45             OK – Chris will ask Betty to make closing remarks.


Committee reviewed the form and made the following changes.  Add a new box “Are you a H&S representative in a workplace of less than 20 employees”.  Add the word personal to the email box.

The Call Letter will go out December 18, 2009.  Ensure that the call letter includes the number of participants per local.  A confirmation of the registration will be sent to participants as well as to the local and Pierre.  Pierre will deal with finance for advances.


Chris updated the Committee

Gifts for guest speakers

The committee decided to offer a portfolio and coffee mug to the guest speakers.

Give away to participants

The committee discussed what the participants would receive at the conference.

Hospitality Suite (Non-smoking)

Friday:            17h00-18h00 registration
                      19h00 reception

Saturday:       17h00

Mondays of Regional Conferences

Departure on Monday is approved for the committee

National Conference:

Chris presented a draft agenda for the National Conference and this will be further discussed by the committee following the regional conferences.

Friday a.m. - guest speakers
Friday p.m. -  workshops
Saturday a.m. - workshops
Saturday p.m. - workshops
Sunday a.m. - guest speakers

Speakers - PSAC/CLC/CRA
Betty – Closing remarks
Possible workshops – WSIB, Indoor Air Quality, LTD, Sun Life,

Meeting Adjourned 15h45. The committee will meet at the regional conferences.