Honours and Awards Committee

Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee

May 6, 2006

We dealt with the referrals that were given to us at the March Executive Council. We also dealt with finding appropriate Plaques to be given to the recipients for the Godfroy Côté award, and the Humanitarian award if accepted by Council.

Reply to Referrals:

We discussed as a committee in Toronto the referrals that were sent back to us. They are as follows.

1) The committee felt the $5000.00 amount should stay.

2) No Carry over. The committee has agreed that there should be no carry over, and only one award per year.

3) That only UTE members should be the recipients. The committee does not agree with this referral, and will submit our arguments at June Council.

4) 24.6(7) That the nominee be a member of UTE in Good standing. The committee agreed and also added that the request must go through a Local, and or a member of the Executive Council.

5)  That the nominee be changed to recipient. The committee agreed.

6) That the priority be given to UTE members in Good Standing, but we should not limit ourselves, and outside nominee's will be recognized.