Honours and Awards Committee

Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee

December 8-9, 2006

Chair: Terry Dupuis                       
Committee Members: Jerry Dee, Denis Lalancette & Sarah Redd. All were present

International Children’s Awareness - Sponsorships: 

The committee reviewed the two essays supplied by Students Roxanne Campeau and Rachael Gardiner – Students, and Brenda Pack and Roxanne Lodge – Members.

The committee unanimously recommended Rachael Gardiner for the student sponsorship.

The committee unanimously recommended, Roxanne Lodge for the member sponsorship.

Letters were drafted to advise the two remaining applicants that they were not selected, however they would be considered alternates should the recipients not be able to go.  Terry agreed to notify the recipients as soon as possible.

Future Sponsorship Applications for International Children’s Awareness:

The committee discussed how the “call letter” can be better worded for clarity and how the committee will choose recipients in the future.

It was agreed that we would require a separate information sheet asking questions about their community/union involvement, program they are going to school for, community activism etc. along with an essay of no more than 500 words.

The point rating is set as follows:

  1. Education Program – up to 1 point (if it fits in with the goals and objectives of social justice)
  2. Community Involvement – up to 2 points
  3. Picture for use should the applicant be the successful recipient – up to .5 points
  4. Union activities or the union activities of their parents – up to .5 points
  5. Activism activities – up to 1 point
  6. Essay – up to 10 points.

Humanitarian Award Nomination:

The committee reviewed the nomination of Bill McCallum for the U.T.E. Humanitarian award.  The committee unanimously agreed to recommend Mr. McCallum for this award.

The committee is to try to obtain a picture of Bill in the work he did in New Orleans in addition to getting a picture of him receiving the award.  This will be submitted to the Communications Committee with a request to have it published in the U.T.E. Newsletter and on the web.

2007 U.T.E. Scholarships:

Housekeeping issues involving the U.T.E. Scholarship guidelines and application were discussed.  The committee worked extensively to ensure that the Scholarship Guidelines matched up with the information on the Scholarship Application.  It was agreed that the information should be mirrored for two reasons.  The first reason being that the scholarship will form part of the regulations.  The second reason being that the consistency between the Guidelines and the application should prevent confusion for the applicants. Sarah Redd will update the formatting of the Guidelines and the Scholarship application and present via email to all committee members.

It was agreed that preference would be given to first time recipients.

The Committee dealt with a resolution passed at Executive Council to include spouses to be included eligible for the scholarship.  The committee agreed unanimously and made changes to the Scholarship Guidelines as well as the Scholarship application to include spouses as being eligible for the U.T.E. scholarships.

The Committee discussed disclosing the point rating used to determine the successful recipients of the scholarships for transparency.  The point rating will be posted at the time of the input call for the scholarships.  The point ratings of the applicants will not be shared or published. 

The committee discussed the publishing of ALL essays of the scholarship recipients.
It was agreed that committee would recommend to the Communications Committee to post all wining essays on the U.T.E. website and in the U.T.E. newsletter if possible.  If there is not room in one newsletter for the essays, the committee would request that the essays be spread out over two issues.


The committee discussed possible changes that could be made to the Honours and Awards portion of the website.  It was agreed that we would ensure that there were direct links from the Honours and Awards section of the sites to all applicable applications, guidelines and regulations pertaining to the different awards the committee is responsible for.

The committee will also be updating the “Overview” section of the website to more accurately reflect the committee’s role and responsibilities. Jerry Dee will draft the new “Overview” and present to the committee for approval.

Long Service Awards:

It was agreed that the President’s representative, Sarah Redd would include in her report to the Presidents a reminder to contact their R.V.P’s regarding membership eligible for long service awards.