Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee

Honours and Awards Committee
Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee
July 4, 5 and 6, 2012

Jean-Pierre Fraser
Robin Johnson
Denis Lalancette
Dianne Rayner

Sylvie Bastien

Presidents’ representative

Technical advisor

The Committee met on July 4 to 6, 2012. The Chair welcomed everyone.

For information, we have attached a copy of the meeting agenda.

  1. Review of the October 2011 minutes
  2. 2012 UTE scholarships: choice of recipients
  3. Godfroy Côté Award application
  4. UTE Pin/Ring
  5. UTE scholarships for the CLC Labour College
  6. Follow-up for the Betty Bannon award
  7. Life member biographies

1)  Review of the October 2011 minutes

The committee reviewed the previous minutes. At a later meeting, they will check whether all the changes approved by the December 2011 Executive Council have been made on the committee’s site and in Regulation 24.

2) 2012 UTE scholarships

We received 49 applications, which is 18 less than the previous year. Choosing the recipients was difficult because we received quality applications. The committee would like to congratulate all applicants. We received no application from the Prairies region. The committee therefore decided to award the scholarship to a candidate from the Rocky Mountains region due to the quality of it.

The national $2,500 scholarships for 2012 are awarded to:

National Diana Gee scholarship: Charlene Smith, Pacific Region
The other national scholarship is awarded to: Aidan McGoldrick, National Capital Region

The regional $1,000.00 scholarships for 2012 are awarded to:

The Al Rollins Atlantic Regional Scholarship: Amanda Hebert
The Quebec Regional Scholarship: Guillaume Duchesne Côté
The Jean Bergeron Montreal Regional Scholarship: Anabel Cliche
The National Capital Regional Scholarship: Angèle Lalonde
The Northern/Eastern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Michael Commito
The Southwestern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Shawn Montague
The Greater Toronto Regional Scholarship: Zainah Siddiqui
The Prairies Regional Scholarship: Mathilda-Aubrie Willmott-Johnson (candidate from the Rocky Mountains)
The Don Davoren Rocky Mountains Regional Scholarship: Keaton Roslinski
The Pacific Regional Scholarship: Austin Jamieson

3) Godfroy Côté Award application

The committee received an application for the Godfroy Côté Award of Merit.

The committee recommends (See recommendation 1) that the Godfroy Côté Award be awarded.

Recommendation #1

Be it resolved that ……still to come ……….. receive the Godfroy Côté Award.
Moved by: Jean-Pierre Fraser
Seconded by: Robin Johnson

4) UTE ring

The committee reviewed a suggestion regarding the potential of issuing a gold ring to underscore 25 years of service with the UTE. The committee feels that this would be too great an expense. The committee also noted that the UTE already has special pins with stones for 25 and 30 years of service. It will promote them at the next Presidents’ Conference with a display of all the pins.

5) CLC Labour College scholarship

The committee received a request from the National President asking that instructions be given to UTE members who apply for a CLC Labour College scholarship. The committee prepared a newsletter for the members that provides information on the program and the candidate selection methods. The committee also made a recommendation (See recommendation 2) for making a slight change to UTE Regulation 23 to clarify that the Marguerite Stonehouse scholarship is for funding attendance at the College.

Recommendation # 2

Be is resolved that the following be entered into UTE Regulation 23 directly under the heading Marguerite Stonehouse Memorial Scholarships: Canada Labour College Scholarship in parentheses.

6) Follow-up for the Betty Bannon award

The committee did some follow-up on the Betty Bannon award. UTE Regulation 24.9 sets out all the terms for submitting applications.

The committee chose the trophies and plaques that will be put up for it.

One trophy will be issued to Betty Bannon at the next National Health and Safety Conference. After that, one trophy could be issued annually to a recipient of the award.

7) Follow-up on life members’ biographies

The committee notes that, following a “calling all people”, we received no responses.

The committee will try to find out where the life members are from and try to contact the RVPs for a search in the respective regions. To be continued.

The Committee Chair thanked all the committee members for their excellent participation at this meeting. Sister Dianne Rayner mentioned that she greatly appreciated working with the committee. She is still considering the possibility of being a candidate during the election on the national committees in September.