Honours and Awards Committee

Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee

July 9/10/11, 2013

Present: Jean-Pierre Fraser Chair
                 Robin Johnson Co-Chair
                 Denis Lalancette  Co-Chair
                 Dianne Rayner  Presidents’ Representative

                Sylvie Bastien Technical Advisor

The Committee met from July 9 to 11, 2013. The Chair welcomed everyone.

For information, attached is a copy of the meeting agenda.

  1. Review of the minutes from July 2012
  2. Scoring grid: scholarship awarding
  3. 2013 UTE scholarships: choice of recipients
  4. ICA resolution (Denis Lalancette)
  5. Recipients’ photos
  6. ICA regulation
  7. Amendments to regulation 24.8

1)  Review of the July 2012 minutes

The Committee reviewed the previous minutes. Nothing to report.

2)  Scoring grid: scholarship awarding

The Committee reviewed the scoring grid and made changes. Other changes were also made for next year.

3)  2013 UTE scholarships

We received 64 applications, which represent an increase of 15 over the previous year. Selecting recipients is difficult because we receive high-quality applications. The Committee would like to congratulate all applicants.

The national $2,500.00 scholarships for 2013 are awarded to:

The National Diana Gee Scholarship: Melanie Skayman, Rocky Mountains Region
The other national scholarship is awarded to Jean-Sébastien Maltais, Quebec Region

The regional $1,000 scholarships for 2013 are awarded to:

Al Rollins Atlantic Regional Scholarship: Mitchell Oldford
Quebec Regional Scholarship: Élizabeth Guévin-Duchesne
Jean Bergeron Montreal Regional Scholarship: Noémie Payette
National Capital Regional Scholarship: Katherine Giles
North-eastern Ontario Regional Scholarship: Preston Ruttan
Nick Stein South-western Ontario Regional Scholarship: Adam Bordignon
Greater Toronto Regional Scholarship: Sydonie Epifani
Prairies Regional Scholarship: Alicia Ferguson
Don Davoren Rocky Mountains Regional Scholarship: Michelle Towns
Pacific Regional Scholarship: Justine Keating

4)  ICA resolution (Denis Lalancette)

The committee reviewed the resolution, and Denis will follow up.

5)  Recipients’ photos

The Committee will make an addition to Regulation 24.8 regarding the recipients’ obligation to send a photo to the UTE National Office after the issuing of the scholarships. (See recommendation no. 1).

6)  ICA regulation

The committee spoke with the 1st NVP and the National President about the potential for including a regulation pertaining to International Children’s Awareness. More to come.

7)  Changes to regulation 24.8

The committee made some slight changes to regulation 24.8, which will be submitted to September’s Executive Council for approval. (See recommendation no. 1.)

Recommendation no. 1

Be it resolved that regulation 24.8 be amended.

Moved by: Jean-Pierre Fraser
Seconded by: Robin Johnson

The Committee Chair thanked all the Committee members for their excellent participation at this meeting.