Honours and Awards Committee

Minutes of the Honours and Awards Committee

October 29, 2014

Present: Gésine Campbell, Wayne Little, Denis Lalancette and Sylvie Bastien

The committee met by conference call on October 29 to determine who would be the UTE member to go to Cameroon with Major Smith and ICA, since the committee had received no applications for students.

However, the committee had received two applications for members. After discussion, and a difficult choice given the quality of the two members who we felt were qualified to do a good job of representing the UTE in Cameroon, the committee resolved to choose Brother Jean-Pierre Fraser of Local 10005 in Shawinigan.

Committee members also discussed the quality of both members, and the difficulty of sending only one of them. Members would have liked to be able to send two. Members would like to discuss it at the meeting to be held at lunchtime during the meeting of the UTE Executive Council in December, with interpreters present. However, the committee is unanimous that this practice should not be automatic. The committee would like to amend Regulation 24 accordingly.

Respectfully submitted,

Denis Lalancette, Chair