Political Action Committee

Minutes of the Political Action Committee

May 27-28, 2007


Nick Stein, Chair
Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chair
Annette Melanson, Presidents’ Representative

1. Phased Retirement Scheme Included in the 2007 Federal Budget:

PAC is requesting that the National President email the employer requesting details on if, when and how these proposed changes would affect our members.

2. Cash and Counter Service Cuts:

  1. No Currency Initiative - the PAC is requesting the National President to ask the employer for a copy of the letter that has been sent to taxpayers who have made multiple cash payments in 2006-07 fiscal year.
  2. The PAC will be issuing an email to all Locals requesting the following information:  the number of employees, including grades and levels and job description titles of all members still performing cash and counter duties in their Locals.  This information is being requested as a follow- up to the employer’s ERC initiative and to ensure that there are no further effects to the members working in these areas. 

3.  Involvement in Political Activities as a Public Servant:

  1. PAC is requesting that the National President write to the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists for an interpretation as to whether the UTE is required to register under the PSEA as an In-house Organization Lobbyist.
  2. The PAC prepared a Bulletin to be sent to all Locals and Executive Council regarding members’ involvement in political activities as a public servant and encouraging all members to seek approval from the employer before engaging in any political activity.

4. Leave Without Pay Limits Pursuant to the ITA and the PSSA:  

The Chair of the PAC will be requesting an opinion from the PSAC regarding the probability of the legislators actually changing the current legislation for our members.

5. Part-Time Employees Pensionable Service:

The Chair of the PAC will be requesting an opinion from the PSAC regarding the degree of success we could hope to have on such legislative changes for our members. The PAC noted that the UTE Staffing Committee has dealt with this issue in their meeting of April 17-19/07 and the PAC is of the opinion that either the National Office or the Staffing Committee should contact the employer to commence an analysis and consultative process on this matter.

6 . Visitor Rebate Program Cuts at the Summerside TC:

The PAC reviewed 3 documents that the National President will be sending out shortly: a)  A letter from the National President to Minister Skelton;  b) A bulletin to all Locals and Executive Council; c)  A sample letter for all Locals to send to their Primary and Secondary MPs.  In addition, The PAC will be contacting the CRA Opposition Critics under separate cover with this information.

7. Bill C-257 Anti-Scab Legislation Vote Results:

Pursuant to a request made at the March Presidents’ Conference, the PAC will be sending a Bulletin to advise all Locals of the vote results.  In addition, The PAC will be advising Locals in this Bulletin of the new Private Members Bill C-415 on this issue and will continue to monitor its progress.  Locals will be advised if and when any additional lobbying of their MPs is required.

8. CRA Parliamentary Review:

The only item in the Review that the PAC deemed necessary to review was Recommendation #5: “That collective bargaining between the CRA and the PSAC not be dependent in any way on Treasury Board”. The PAC noted that the National President will be raising this issue at the June/07 NUMC and this item will be one of the first issues discussed with the employer when bargaining begins.

9. Round Table:

The Committee contact the new Winnipeg Compensation Client Service Centre (CSCC) local for their primary and secondary MP contacts.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee