Political Action Committee

Minutes of the Political Action Committee

September 17-19, 2008


Nick Stein, Chair
Cosimo Crupi, Co-Chair
Annette Melanson, Presidents’ Representative


Betty Bannon, UTE National President

The Political Action Committee met on September 17-19 in Ottawa and had numerous items for discussion. Attending the meeting with the Committee was Sister Bannon.


  1. Mail out to all locals (Insert to the UTE Newsletter) Re: Elections
  2. President’s Conference Presentation
  3. Convention Resolution 312 on Political Action
  4. Review of inviting all parties to our President’s Conference
  5. Discussion on supporting UTE Boobettes 50/50 draw at the President’s Conference

The Political Action Committee prepared a list of questions that could be used during this election process, and copies were put in the conference kits at the October Presidents Conference.

The Committee prepared a Power Point presentation relating to the Elections and the questions that were developed in item #1. This presentation was made at the October Presidents Conference.

Regarding the Convention Resolution 312 from our last Convention, the Committee prepared speaking notes that would be used by UTE National, Regional and Local officers at all AGM’s for the purposes of gathering information.

Discussion on inviting all political parties to our conference was discussed, with the final outcome being that Sister Bannon sent all parties a formal request to attend and to speak to the group for 5 minutes, with a question and answer period.

The Political action committee then discussed the 50/50 draw and was receptive to having this brought up and conducted during the conference. Further to this, Sister Bannon offered to have another draw on our UTE web-site for the rest of the members nationally.

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Stein
Chair of the Committee