Political Action Committee

Minutes of the Political Action Committee

December 18-19, 2012

In attendance: Adam Jackson, Chair; Jamie vanSydenborgh, Co-Chair; Dave Lanthier, Presidents' Representative; Annette Melanson, Technical Advisor.

  1. The Committee reviewed the concept of a workshop at the March 2013 Presidents' Conference. Different workshop themes and facilitators were discussed, and contacts were initiated with those possible facilitators. The theme will be How to Speak with your MP.

  2. The Committee reviewed and determined that there should be a rally during the March 2013 Presidents' Conference, involving all those activists who will be present. The input call bulletin for The Presidents' Conference will advise participants that they will be expected to participate and to bring appropriate clothing.

  3. The Committee reviwed and provided input on the Guidelines for Funding of Political Actions and Campaigns. A recommendation will be presented to the Executive Council at their March 2013 meeting.

  4. The Committee discussed and determined that the National President should initiate meetings with the Opposition MPs who are CRA critics, as soon as possible, to discuss and make them fully aware of all of UTE's current concerns. This has been referred to and approved by the President's office.

  5. The Committee discussed UTE's responsabilities under the Lobbying Act and asked the National President to review this with the PSAC.

  6. The Committee will prepare an issue sheet in response to the Parliamentary Budget Officer's recent report that the average cost of a public servant's compensation is $114,000. This issue sheet will be issued under the National President's name, once complete.

  7. The Committee discussed the notion that all of the CRA Board of Management members be CC'd on all of the National President's political correspondance to the CRA Minister. This was referred to and agreed by the National President.

  8. The Committee reviewed the CRA Report to Parliament and noted that the CRA has accounted for a severance payout liability, thereby  effectively removing the conjecture that severance pay entitlements could be entirely legislated away.

  9. The Committee discussed Parliament's 2013 budget announcement and noted that no date for such has yet been set. The Committee hopes to meet again on the eve and the day following future budget announcements.

  10. The Committee reviewed its Terms of Reference. Recommendations for changes will be presented to Executive Council at their March 2013 sitting.