Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Minutes - ACS Sub Committee

May 13, 2003

ACS Sub Committee

A meeting was held on May 13, 2003 to continue the ACS implementation process.

Attendance: Kent MacDonald UTE Steve Pellrin-Fowlie CEUDA
Linda Cassidy UTE Louis Leblanc CCRA
Pierre Marlow PSAC Darrell Mahonney CCRA
Jean-Pierre Fortin CEUDA Sydne Genge CCRA
Members of the CCRA ACS team

The employer started with a presentation on “Design Orientation”, they wanted to provide the committee with the opportunity to fully understand the design process that would be undertaken. The presentation focused on design principles and then an outline of what they would need to look at for designing the standard.

Two areas of concern were;

  • Compensable Factors: reflect nature of the work performed, reflect culture and values, consistent business strategy and meaningful ways of measuring.
  • Technical Factors: common elements, avoid overlap (unique elements), must be able to differentiate and value progressions should be clear and meaningful.

There are going to eventually be four classification standards in the Agency, MG, SP, IT and AFS.

Once the standard is designed (this is expected to be completed including consultation by the end of August), review and testing will then proceed. This will be done with a three fold focus, Qualitative focus, quantitative process (applying tool to the sample) and finally a qualitative validation (validation by a gender neutrality specialist).

The design team was selected and we were introduced to all the members. The factors used for selection of the applicants were:

  • strong understanding of CCRA business lines
  • technical understanding of design principles
  • results of business direction exercise
  • lessons learned from UCS project
  • lessons learned from Legacy standards

A discussion was held on job descriptions. The employer has agreed not to create more “slash” jobs. (an issue that Sister Bannon had raised at her meetings).

The employer is looking at four separate classes of jobs:

  • Broad based – broad range of functions, single job description, i.e. customs
  • Unique – narrow/specialized type of work. I.E collections
  • Slash – combined jobs if they are currently in existence i.e. Collections/trust
  • Generic – major functions common to a particular type of work. I.e. Administrative Assistants.

The employer has identified a list of key job descriptions that will be used to evaluate the standard. They have increased this number from the original 71 to 165. The unions were provided with an opportunity to review and comment on the list and to see if any additional descriptions should be included. UTE requested that they add 4 Tax Center job descriptions to the list.

Communication strategy was the last item of business. They will have as follows:

  • ACS Website
  • SP dedicated email
  • Agency Updates
  • On going communications
  • SP dedicated hotline/faxline
  • Information Kit
  • Communiques

The target audiences for all communications are Employees, Managers and the Unions.

The next scheduled meeting is June 23rd in Ottawa.