Staffing Committee

Ad Hoc Meeting with National Union Representatives

June 22, 2007

Taxpayer Services and Debt Management Initiatives

from 10:00-noon
Assistant Commissioner's Boardroom Taxpayer Services and Debt Management Branch, 10th Floor, 25 McArthur

1- Macro Demo

Presentation of the “Integrated Taxpayer View Workbench Macro” for the Collection and non-filer cases.

  • It allows the CRA to have better use of its resources.
  • No impact on Human Resources
  • The Macro was tested in Bathurst and Penticton
  • Allows employees to save time and to be more efficient
  • Will be in use, gradually in some months, by the PM-01
  • Conceived for the T1,  others models for the T2 and the T3 will be developed soon
  • Training, by coaching, is offered to the employees, until they become comfortable with the use of this new tool. 

2- Educational Requirements

Initial consultation with UTE (as a result of the PM-03 grievances being filed and presented to the employer, it has provided an opportunity for the employer to justify the possible need to have education requirements in this area).
Next month, consultation will be held with the Regions, to seek their input and their preferences.
More information will be gathered about the job and its requirements, and the relation between the levels (PM-03 vs PM-02 and PM-04…)
Next step will be initiated when they will receive some “concrete data” from the Regions.

3- Update on Work Assessment Project

The Plan will be started nationally.
It’s not a “performance review”; it is a process to ensure that the employees have the right tools to do their job properly.

4- PM-02 Quality Assurance Officers - AR

The CRA did not brief us on this.
We had received a query from the Rocky Mountain Region, and thus we asked the CRA to add it to our June 22nd, 2007 meeting.
 According to the information we received:

  • The Quality Assurance is a National Initiative for CRA across Canada
  • This is a continuous process
  • It is a tool to help the AG meet its mandate
  • it was implemented following the Auditor General Report
  • The PM02’s are doing quality assurance work but the reviews are not being provided to the Team Leaders (so it won't be used for the Employees’ Performance Review).

During this meeting, the concern raised by Sister Linda Cassidy, was about the job description of those PM-02 which has to be a separate description.

5- Insolvency CPI-Update

The Regions needs more information about the ole, responsibility, training and tools to be able to reach the deadline of April, 2008.
Share the information and the best practices among the Regions.

6- Discussion on RCO Program Delivery Model

This information was already shared with the President in a previous meeting.
No mandate to change the number of the “points of service”
The discussion and the consultation will be made on the “implementation” of the new model, not on the “concept”.

7- Job Description Impacts - CPP Rulings Reorganization

The part “ruling” could be removed from the job to reflect the specific job.
The job description is reviewed actually.

8- Payment arrangement accepted by T1 Account Clerks in the TCs

The idea came from the TCs.
300 to 400 payment arrangements could be made by the CR-04 clerks in the TCs.
The job description CR-0212 will be checked to see if the CR-04 could do this job.
More information will be sent to us.

9- Collections Consolidation Project

The work is in progress to integrate the Non-Fiscal collection.
The package will be sent to us.

10- T1-Integration Pilot Update

The document will be sent to us soon.
It is not a priority.