Staffing Committee

Minutes of the Staffing Committee Meeting

November 13 - 14, 2008
In attendance: 

Sabri Khayat
Shawn Bergeron
Madonna Gardiner
Marc Brière
Linda Cassidy

Co Chairperson
TC Representative
TSO Representative
Technical Advisor

Sabri welcomed Brother Shawn Bergeron to the Committee and also congratulated Brother Marc Brière and Sister Madonna Gardiner on their recent re-election to the Committee.

1. Agency Classification Standard (ACS)

As the Standard has been implemented and the Job Descriptions have all been converted to ACS, there is no longer a requirement to have this as a standing item on our agenda.  All grievances related to Job Content and Classification are under the purview of the National Office.  All queries should be referred to your RVP’s.  No further action required by the Staffing Committee.

2. Work Description Review

The Committee provided their comments on the Work Description that were in their inventory.

Since the last meeting, the Committee reviewed and provided comments to the employer on the nine (9) following Work Descriptions:

  • Informant Leads Intake Officer
  • Regional Informant Leads Intake Officer
  • Manager, Revenue Collections
  • Manager, Employer Services
  • Manager, Revenue Collections and Client Services
  • Team Leader, Revenue Collections, Clients Services
  • Team Leader, Revenue Collections
  • OAG Liaison Officer
  • Manager, Non-Resident Withholdings

The Committee has not received confirmation from the employer regarding the creation of a new SP-04 Common Services Job Description. Linda will follow up with the employer.

3. Specified Period Employees

Although this item remains as a standing agenda item, there has not been any additional items or queries received. The Ad Hoc Call Center Committee has not yet referred any issue to us.

4. Revenue Collections Integrated Enforcement Teams

Although the Committee expected to receive a copy of the report at the May 21st , 2008 meeting, the employer advised it was not yet available. We hope to receive it at the November 26th, 2008 meeting.

5. TSDMB (Revenue Collections 2010)

The next meeting is scheduled for November 26th, 2008. A summary will be issued after this meeting.

6. Observe and Attest  

Locals are still raising concerns that the managers tool kit states:

“7.1 : Employees should be encouraged to bring examples of competency behaviour to the Managers attention”.  
Managers are still interpreting this to read the employees should “write” up a scenario.

We have again requested a meeting with the employer to discuss this issue. The Union has been attempting to schedule a meeting for sometime. In addition, it appears that some locations believe they have the authority to expand on what competencies can be O & A’ed, and they also will be discussed with the employer.

A summary will be issued after the meeting.

7. Working Groups :


As of this date we have not received any additional information regarding the presentation to Committee or Human Resources on April 15th, 2008.

Competencies Consultant

The Committee has been advised that the employer is creating a task force to review how the recommendations should be implemented. UTE will be provided with one seat on this Committee, and Sabri will be the UTE representative.

The Staffing Committee will report on this item on an ongoing basis. 

8. Interchange / Acting

The Committee attended the meeting with the employer on April 28th, 2008 and provided our comments.  The Committee stressed that Interchange and Acting should not be in the same document as one can not have an acting while on an interchange.  The employer was in the process of seeking input from the regions and assured the Union our comments would be considered.  The employer was to have the regions report back in mid-May, 2008.  To date, no new information has been received.  When the revised policy is received, a memo will be issued to the field.

9. Validation and Controls

The Committee has not yet received any information from the employer. We will follow up with the employer.

10. Annex’s E and L

As the revised versions were sent to the field, no further action is required.

11. Talent Management (Formerly Appreciative Inquiry Workshops).

Linda attended a meeting on September 10th, 2008, to receive an update on the results of the Focus Groups.  The employer advised that each group was provided with a draft copy of the Talent Management Policy.  The Union also was provided with the opportunity to comment on the draft.  When the final version is received, it will be shared with the field.

12. CRA and CGA

The employer did respond to our concerns as follows:  

UTE Concern

CRA answer

Page 1: E) What types of initiatives would the 2 parties be looking at?

This could include any operational activities such as adding positions to Appendix A, discussing the use of course material, or personal development network.

Page 2: CGA Student should refer only to CRA employees registered as students.


Page 4: 3.2 - What about SP04 position in appeals

None were submitted by the Appeals Branch.

6 – Must be done through proper staffing mechanisms and must ensure they will be properly compensated.

If the students are performing the full range of duties, they will be properly compensated and positions will be staffed in accordance to the Staffing Program

Page 4/5: 7 – If a review is conducted every two years then the union wishes to be consulted

The unions will be consulted when changes are being considered

Course Accreditation and continuous education, these items were included in the last agreement but have not been included this time, is it they are no longer relevant?

Done through the CGA affiliates.

Appendix A - 27 - What about Audit and Investigations?

These jobs were added.

28 – Why do ROCCO’s not qualify when senior trust examiner qualify? Appendix B – If trust examiners qualify what about slash jobs and collections? 

The jobs that are currently included should remain. The other are currently being reviewed by the Taxpayer Services and Dept Management Branch.

The final version of the agreement has not yet been received. Once we have it, we will distribute it the field.

13. Trust Accounts

As there have been no referrals to the Staffing Committee from the Technological Change Committee, no further action is required by our Committee.

14. Human Resources Flexibilities Audit

The Union has not received any further information regarding the stats of this audit. Upon receipt of the final audit, it will be shared with the field.

15. Timeframe for Recourse

Although the Committee had been advised that the timeframes for recourse started upon receipt of the letter, we have subsequently been informed that the employer is following the rule that timeframes begin upon issuance of the letter.

If they are any situation, where a member does not receive a letter within the seven (7) days and is not allowed recourse, they should be advised to contact their RVP.

No further action is required.

16. Accounting Requirements

The employer shared a copy of all the correspondence that was sent to the A/D’s of Debt Management to gather information on the feasibility of implementing Accounting Requirements.  This information was shared with Council and the Locals.  There is a meeting scheduled with TSDMB on November 26th, 2008, where we hope to receive an update.  Information will continue to be shared when it is received.

17. Performance Assessment Scales

The issue of Performance Assessment Scales was resolved in October 2007.

As a result, no further action is required.

Subsequent minutes have dealt with changes to Annex E, under this item.

The Committee will be reporting on Annex E concerns under a new Agenda Item: “Policies”. (See Item 23 below)

18. End State - PQP

The Committee has a meeting with the employer on November 14th, 2008.
The Committee reviewed the issues, and prepared for the meeting.

19. Employee Mobility Guidelines  

By the end of September 2008, we have received from the employer the draft of the updated version of the Employee Mobility Guidelines.  The Committee discussed the Employee Mobility Guidelines. The employer responded to the Committees comments and the Committee reviewed the response.  The employer has concurred with the recommendations.  Once the final version is received, it will be shared with the field.

Response to Comments from the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) Guidelines for Mobility within a CRA Work Description

UTE Comment

CRA Response

Objective 2:  I am not sure where Traditionally this has been done using a staffing action, when there is no tradition here.  Consolidated jobs are new but there has always been jobs whereby members only perform one part and when they are moved there is no action just the manager telling them to. i.e. collections where a former pm01 always worked t4 accounts only and now is moving to another part of the job to work T1 accounts,  no staffing action was completed.

It is agreed that practices vary and it is difficult to determine the typical practice.  As a result, this sentence has been removed from the guidelines.

 5.1  Considerations -  "Managers must consider Agency values and good management practices...."  well that certainly doesn't say that have to adhere to them or I find it offensive that an "Employee consent should be sought but not required"

The wording has been modified to strengthen the requirements for managers to act in accordance with Agency values and good management practices.

5.2 Where are the time frames...... for issuing of the notice.... to the time the action takes place.

If I understand correctly, you wish to ensure that employees are informed in advance of administrative action.  As a result, information has been added to the guidelines to ensure the employee is informed in a timely manner. 

5.2Employees "should" be provided training...... what happened to "must"

The guidelines have been modified to outline that training must be provided for employees to perform their assigned duties.

The employee is moved to another position within 40 km of their current position, ( the collective agreement no longer mentions 40 km and we believe these guidelines should not)

In the section “Requirements for Administrative Actions”, reference has been made to the minimum distances as per the Relocation Policy.

Example three is not a good example to use, very misleading, implies there are a lot of jobs that carry through various divisions which is not accurate and there are language issues that are not related to admin actions.

This example was used for the application of the guidelines in Headquarters where jobs are common to various divisions.  In this environment, language requirements are also a consideration.  However, we are currently developing Questions and Answers in support of the guidelines.  Various scenarios will be outlined to assist in the application of the guidelines. 

20. CRA Welcome Letters

The CRA provided draft versions on a “Welcome Letter” to the Union for our review on September 17th, 2008.  The Committee reviewed the letters and provided the following comments:

  • The fill in block to put (name of employee's job title) to add the job number,
  • The paragraph that encourages them "to ask questions and seek guidance from your manager and colleagues."  We would like to have the Union added.  If not that some reference to the Union included. 
  • In the 2nd paragraph from the bottom in both letters, we think there is only one "in mind" necessary. (When you read it again you will see what is meant  
  • We were also wondering if the intended audience includes returning term employees or it is only indeterminates. Or do they already have one for terms???? (not that we know of)

The employer has not yet responded to our comments

21. Directive on the Planning of Learning  

UTE was asked to attend a meeting June 11th, 2008 to review and comment on the draft version of this Directive. Linda attended on behalf of the organization.

As this document is still in draft status, the Union provided feedback on recommended changes and will only provide the final version to the field once it is received.

22. Policy and Procedures Manual: Staffing/Recourse.

The Committee reviewed the draft document that we are recommending be included in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Once a final version is ready, it will be shared with the Communication Committee.

23. Policies

The Committee had a discussion regarding the employer sending Policies and Directives for our review and then either not accepting our comment or making changes without informing us.  A specific concern was raised regarding Annex E.  The employer sent a revised version of Annex E to the Union for their review. The Union sent their comments and the employer subsequently reissued a revised version.

The employer’s revised version contained changes that the Union was never aware of. 

For example “When an employee receives a “does not meet” they are removed from a process”. This change was never discussed with UTE.

The Committee will attempt to schedule a meeting with the employer to discuss the consultation process on Staffing Directives.