Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Minutes

February 27-28, 2008
In attendance:  Sabri Khayat, Chairperson
Pamela Abbott
Madonna Gardiner
Marc Brière
Linda Cassidy

1. Agency Classification Standard (ACS)

Linda provided an overview of the ACS-SP Job Content process as well as an update on the ACS-SP classification process.

Under the Classification Process there were submissions received on sixty-five (65) work description. The National Office has begun the informal process and will continue updating Council and the Locals.

2. Work Description Review

The Committee has two work descriptions in inventory and those will be responded to no later than February 29th 2008.

3. Specified Period Employees

The committee was advised that members have come forward from the Toronto Call Center and are willing to pursue the issue of part time versus full time hours.  This issue is now being handled by Brother Pierre Mulvihill.

The quarterly Adhoc meeting was held October 15, 2007 and a summary was included in the December Staffing Committee report.

Work Samples – Again only thirty-four (34) out of fifty-five (55) locals responded and only two, Montreal and Vancouver responded that the employer is using certain tests to evaluate employees for rehire.  It does not appear that they are testing work samples.  During a meeting with the employer it was confirmed that only one office was using a test to evaluate work samples.  The committee advised the employer that what is going on is not an evaluation of work samples and the evaluation method should be changed to indicate this is a knowledge test.  The employer indicated they will clarify in the field that a knowledge test is not a work sample.  As a result of this being an isolated issue and being advised that this is not a concern to the local, no further action is required by this committee but members should be encouraged to address any issues or concerns with their local representatives.

4. Revenue Collections Integrated Enforcement Teams

The employer did not provide the final report at the November 20th meeting.  The employer was contacted and a copy of the report has been requested.  The Committee will review the report once received and will provide an update to the Locals.

5. Performance Assessment Scales

There have been concerns brought forward from Locals regarding members having a “does not meet” and they are being either removed from pools and/or not being placed. The Committee will issue a bulletin outlining the procedures the employer is supposed to follow regarding this issue. A manager is required to ensure that a “does not meet” is related to the position being staffed prior to not placing an individual.

The employer shall not remove an individual who does not have a satisfactory evaluation from any process.

6. Student Hiring – Annex J

A meeting was held October 30th, 2007.

The employer wanted to discuss the program infrastructure. The employer provided an update on the marketing campaign they are undertaking. There have been few delays as the original slogan “Great opportunity” did not work in French. The new slogan is “Invest in your future, a job today, a career tomorrow”.

The employer also provided an update on the Ambassador Program. In 2006, twenty-four (24) were recruited and in 2007 they recruited forty-seven (47).

There was also a discussion on Branding as well as orientation for students. The employer subsequently shared the relevant links to the Infozone which were included in the December Staffing Report to the Executive Council.

7. Revenue Collections 2010

The Agency continues to meet with the Union bi-annually on this initiative.  A briefing document will be sent after each meeting.  The last meeting was held November 20th, 2007. Council was updated on this meeting at the December 2007 Council meeting. The next meeting has not yet been scheduled, but should be in April or May, 2008.

8. Office Audit Job Description

This issue was in regards to a consolidation of the work description. This work description was consolidated, and there is no further action for the Staffing Committee. The Local has been advised that if there are any issues or concerns surrounding this issue, they should be brought to our attention.

9. Observe and Attest

The Committee was sent a copy of the draft directive for Observe and Attest.  Comments were requested for October 17th, 2007.

The Committee indicated to the employer that the areas related to the Managers “observing” the behaviours must be emphasised.

The directive needed to clearly outline the responsibility of the Manager.  The Committee advised the employer that Observe and Attest should be broken down into four basic steps:

  1. Managers observe behaviour
  2. Managers write up behaviour
  3. Managers attest to competency level and threshold
  4. Managers meet with employee on level achieved

The final version of the directive will be sent to all Locals as soon as it’s available.

A meeting was held November 8th, 2007 where the Union provided clarification to the employer regarding the concerns being raised in the field.  The Union provided examples of where the team leaders were asking their employees to provide written summaries and examples so they could observe and attest them.

The employer concurred that this was not appropriate and stated they believed once the directive was issued this should eliminate any confusion.  The employer also agreed to issue a memo to the field clarifying the process.

The issue of mandatory assessments still remains outstanding.

Observe and Attest will remain as a standing item and Locals are encouraged to direct any concerns and queries via their RVP to the Committee.

10. Information from Locals

Sister Madonna Gardiner and Brother Marc Brière will issue the e-mail to the Locals this week.  The e-mail will request the name of the liaison. Locals will have a contact sheet included in their packages at the Presidents Conference and the Presidents reps will ensure all fifty-five (55) contact sheets are received before the conference ends.  The list, when established, will be used by the Presidents reps to issue staffing information.

11. Work Assessment Checklist – A work review program for collectors

As all communiqués have been issued and this program should now be fully implemented in the field, no further action required by the Staffing Committee.

12. Quality Assurance Program

The bulletin was issued from the Committee.

No further action required is required by the Staffing Committee.

13. Term Offers

An e-mail was sent to all Locals. The responses back from the Locals indicate this is not widespread. Thirty-four (34) out of fifty-five (55) Locals replied and none of them indicate the clause “availability” was being used in the letters of offer. 

This issue will be referred back to Surrey to deal with as a local issue.

No further action is required by the Staffing Committee.

14. Working Groups

Job Competency Profile, Competency Consultant Working Groups and Individual Feedback Working Group –

The recommendations adopted by the Working Groups and accepted by the CBHRMAC were issued by the employer in a memo dated October 26th, 2007. A copy of this Memo is attached to the minutes.

In December of 2007, a new Working Group was established on Recourse. Although Sister Bannon attempted to get additional seats, UTE was limited to one. Brother Khayat was selected to represent UTE. The mandate of this Working Group is:

Recourse Process Working Group
Human Resources Branch


  • To review the principles and process of the Agency’s recourse system, to ensure that the system is fair and consistent.


  • To review proposals put forth by the bargaining agents
  • To make recommendations to AMC, as a result of this review, by March 31, 2008

Composition of the Working Group:

  • Members of Competency Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) Advisory Committee
  • A Representative from both bargaining agents; UTE and PIPSC
  • Representatives of HRB will provide technical advice/support as needed


  • Make recommendations, to AMC that will address options for change, taking into consideration the analysis and reports of the working groups on Competency Consultants and Individual feedback.


  • Review proposals presented by bargaining agents
  • Review principles and process of the Agency’s Recourse system

The Working Group met December 11th and 12th, 2007 in Toronto and have yet to receive a summary of the meeting. The Committee will keep the Council and the Locals informed as information becomes available.

15. Interchange / Acting

The employer has not yet contacted the Committee to establish a meeting. Sister Linda Cassidy will follow up with the employer to arrange the meeting.

16. Situational Judgement Tool – Test from PSC

Situational Judgement Test – Locals are concerned that the employer is using this test and are requiring varying test marks.  The locales were concerned that this may not be fair and consistent.  There is no question that a selection board can request different pass marks but it should be determined based on what is proper.

The examples provided showed a range of marks where CR04’s required a 69/102 and a PM02 may only require a 55/102.

Brother Mark Brière and Sister Madonna Gardiner will send a request to the locals asking:

  1. Are they seeing this test used in competitions?
  2. What threshold marks required?

The hope is to have the locals respond back by March 17th so the committee can deal with this in April.

Brother Marc Brière and Sister Madonna Gardiner will send an e-mail next Monday, with a deadline March 17th to the fifty-five (55) locals to check how this tool is used in their offices, in order that we could deal with this issue during our next meeting.

17.   Housing Rebates

A query was sent to the Committee as a result of an announcement that Housing Rebates would now be done in Summerside. The Locals were concerned that TSO work was being transferred to TC’s.

As a result of our investigation, it was discovered that Compliance was moving this work but have not consulted with the Union. The employer provided documentation that this was a very small program and they did not believe there was an impact.

The staffing Committee has referred the information regarding FTE’s to the WFA Committee.
It should be noted that effective immediately all workload related to Housing Rebates will be done in Summerside by SP 0376 Tax Auditors.

18.   Fairness Appeal

Several queries have been received regarding the creation of a stand alone Work Description for Tax Payer Relief. During the TSDMB meeting in December 2007, the question was asked for management and they advised there is no discussion of a separate Work Description. This duty is already included in the existing work description and is a requirement of those positions. The Committee is aware that there are stand alone work units during this work but there is no intention of the employer to create a new work description.

19.   Validation and Controls

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

20.   Annexe L

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

21.   Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

22.   MG Settlement

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

23.   CRA and CGA

CGA and CRA Agreement – Committee reviewed the submission and noted the following concerns:

Page 1: E) What types of initiatives would the two parties be looking at?
Page 2: CGA Student should refer only to CRA employees registered as students.
Page 4: 3 - What about SP04 position in appeals?
6 – Must be done through proper, staffing mechanisms and they will be properly compensated.
Page 4/5  7 – If a review is conducted every two years then the union wishes to be consulted.
Course Accreditation and continuous education – These items were referred in the last agreement but not in this one?
Appendix A - 27 - What about Audit and Investigations?
28 – Why do ROCCO’s not qualify when senior trust examiner?
Appendix B – If trust examiners qualify what about slash jobs and collections?

24.   Source Deductions

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

25.   AU’S doing PSAC MG’s Jobs

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

26.   Human Resources Flexibilities Audit

HR Flexibilities Audit – The employer has advised UTE that the office of Auditor General will be conducting a Performance Audit on Human Resources Management Flexibilities.  They have advised that the unions will be interviewed.  Sister Bannon has requested that the National Unions wants to be interviewed and it will be Sister Bannon, Brother Khayat, Brother O’Brien and Sister Cassidy.

It also should be noted that there will be no focus groups in the Atlantic. The committee will get Sister Betty Bannon to check if the Atlantic can be included.

27.   Combined Jobs with Rulings Component

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

28.   Timeframe for Recourse

Time frames for Recourse – There appears to be confusion in the field regarding individual feedback.  Does the time frame of 7 days start “when sent” or when “received”?  Darrell Mahonney had advised the recourse W.G. that it is 7 days from when the letter received yet the directives states 7 days from sent.  The committee will seek clarification from the employer.

29.   Accounting requirements

Postponed to the next meeting in April.

Next meetings:

April 26th to April 28th (travelling April 25th)
and July 3rd to July 5th (travelling July 2nd)

We will try to have a meeting with the CRA, hopefully in April 28th