Staffing Committee

Staffing Committee Minutes

April 26-28, 2008

In attendance: 

Sabri Khayat,
Pamela Abbott
Madonna Gardiner
Marc Brière
Linda Cassidy

Co Chairperson
TC Representative
TSO Representative
Technical Advisor

1. Agency Classification Standard (ACS)

Linda provided a summary of the ACS Job Content process as well as an update on the ACS Classification process.

The job content grievance replies will be issued May 8th, 2008. All Locals and Council members will receive notification of the replies; in addition each incumbent of a position will be notified.

The ACS classification presentations will start May 12th, 2008 and be completed by the 30th of May, 2008. Locals and Council Members will be sent notification of the presentation as well as the issues that were discussed with the employer.

The ACS Standard and the applicable point values are now available on the employers Infozone, and is available to all members.  Locals should be obtaining a copy of this standard off the site and should become familiar with the standard.  Locals should also ensure that their staffing liaison is provided with a copy.

2. Work Description Review

The committee provided their comments on the Work Descriptions that were in inventory, the employer has not yet responded.  There was one additional work description received and that was responded to within the proper time frames. (It should be noted that the staffing committee is provided with a two week time frame to respond to the description).

Further to the Presidents Conference, the committee received information that the employer is creating an “AS01” (SP04) position to deal with the common service issues that were downloaded to the MG’s. “It was reported that as a result of the National MG Network, management has recognized that some of the MG work needs to be moved.  For a one year trial basis, to see if it relieves some pressures on the MG’s, an AS01 position, for center wide use, will be assigned to the directors’ area. This position will involve preparing staffing letters for large internal and external staffing processes etc.”  
The staffing committee was not made aware of any of this work, nor has the National Office via the ACS process been advised that the employer was looking at creating new work descriptions. The committee will address the issue of work descriptions after Linda addresses this issue with Suzanne Miner, as this has not been brought to their attention either.

3. Specified Period Employees

This item remains a standing agenda item on the agenda, but as there has not been any additional information received from the field and/or the employer, there is nothing to report at this time. The committee expects that after the Ad Hoc Call Centre Meeting we may have some issues that need to be addressed.

4. Revenue Collections Integrated Enforcement Teams

Linda contacted the employer, regarding the status of this report after our last meeting. The employer advised that they expected the report by the end of March 2008 or beginning of April, 2008 but as of the date of this meeting we have not yet received a copy.  There is a meeting with TSDMB scheduled for May 21st, 2008 and we expect we will receive a copy of the report at that point in time.

5. TSDMB (Revenue Collections 2010)

Next meeting is scheduled for May 21st, 2008. A summary will be issued after this meeting.

6. Observe and Attest

The final version of the O & A Directive was received from the employer and was sent to all Locals by the National President on April 24th, 2008.
The committee reviewed the directive, to see what the employer had done regarding our recommendations.  The employer has not appeared to take our comments into consideration.

Although the committee believes the directive is clear, that the manager is responsible for observing the behaviour and writing up the report, we continue to receive queries that managers think the employees should be providing examples and a written summary.  The directive will be sent to each member querying the process highlighting sections 5.3 and 5.4 and we will continue to direct the problems to the attention of the employer.

The committee is meeting with the employer on Monday April 28th, 2008 and will again request that a memo be issued to all locations advising that the responsibility is not with the employee.

The employer has included a link to “O & A Recourse” in the directive.

The committee obtained a copy of the Recourse Guidelines and has several concerns with the document. It is important to note that the employer did not provide a copy of the guidelines to the union for our input.  It should be noted that the new Annex L still states there are three types of recourse, Individual Feedback, Decision Review and Independent Third Party Review thus the new Attestation Review and Attestation Feedback are not considered Staffing Recourses. The Staffing Committee believes that “Observe and Attest Mechanisms” are not covered under the legislation so the proper recourse route is the grievance route. 

Members are recommended to file a grievance in the event that they do not obtain their levels. The committee will be reissuing a bulletin on UTE’s position on Recourse related to Observe and Attest.

7. Information from Locals

To date we have still not heard from:

Chicoutimi, Ottawa ITSO, Outaouais and Surrey,
If we do not receive a name of a liaison then we will not be able to send staffing information for the network to these locations.

From the following locals, we have a contact but we do not have an external address to send documentation to:
Barrie, Bathurst, Belleville, Charlottetown, London, Northern BC and Yukon, Ottawa HQ,  Policy and Planning, Regina, Sherbrooke, St Catherine’s, St John’s TC, Toronto and Winnipeg TSO.

If the staffing liaison in these locations does not have an external address then we respectfully request that the local provide access to the UTE address so that we may send them the information.  These locals are asked to provide both Madonna and Marc with either an external email address or that they are using the Locals email address.

8. Working Groups

Recourse Process Working Group (See Mandate in our February 2008 Minutes)

The preliminary version of the report, foreseen initially for the end of January 2008, was sent to the members of the Working Group at the beginning of March, to obtain their comments.

The final version of the report, further to comments received from the members, must be presented on April 15th, 2008 to the Committee of the Human Resources, to obtain its approval.

We were not informed yet about results of this presentation.

Meanwhile, it would be necessary to note that a new version of the Appendix L (Directive on Recourse for Assessment and Staffing) was published, but it did not include the recommendations of the Working Group. (This new version appears to have been drafted and finalized prior to the Working Group).

9. Interchange / Acting

The committee has a meeting with the employer on Monday April 28th, 2008.
In preparation for the meeting the committee reviewed the document issued by the employer in May of 2007.

10. Situational Judgement Tool – Test from PSC

Madonna and Marc sent the email to the Locals with a March 17th, 2008 deadline.  Unfortunately only 30 locals responded. Of the submitting Locals only 9 have indicated that this test is used, and none have experienced a problem with the marks being changed.  As this appears to be isolated to one local this has been referred back to the submitting local to have this addressed.

No further action is required.

11. Validation and Controls - CR04 workload

An email was sent to the committee asking if we were aware of the changes in V&C as it relates to the CR-04 review being discontinued and assigned to the PM-01’s. 

An email was sent out stating “A decision has been made to discontinue CR04 reviews (activity type 796) effective April 1st , 2008”.  …. It further states “the decision to eliminate CR04 reviews is based on the following facts:

  • Low adjustment rates for CR4 reviews
  • Low debt creation for cr4 reviews
  • Low return on investment

Based on this email the committee has concerns, that there should be impacts on work descriptions and work flows and nothing has been shared with us nationally.  An email will be sent to the employer asking them to advise us of the work description impacts, as well as the impacts on staff.

12. Annex’s E and L –

The committee received new versions of Annex E and Annex L. As requested by the local presidents the information will be sent to the locals no later than April 29th, 2008.

The committee reviewed the new versions and will provide a summary of any concerns directly to the employer.

13. Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

The committee received information on the Appreciative Inquiry Workshops which is forming part of the CRA Talent management. The National President has assigned the issue of Talent Management to this committee.  The focus of Talent Management is “To focus on tangible action ideas regarding what the CRA needs to do to become a leading edge organization in attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly competitive labour market.”. The employer in February was conducting focus group sessions on the Talent Management Policy in the field with employees and managers.  Information has not been provided to the committee on the outcome of these sessions.  Any further developments or new information will be shared with the Locals and Council as it becomes available.  Locals should be encouraged to contact the staffing committee via email if they have any questions or concerns.

14. MG Settlement

The issue of the MG Settlement is under the prevue of the National Office.  As there are potential impacts on the issue of work descriptions Linda provided a quick update to the committee, i.e. for every SP that should be an MG, there will be a new work description written that will need to be reviewed by the Staffing committee.

15. CRA and CGA

The committee reviewed the documents provided from the employer and provided our concerns. We have not yet heard back from the employer on the concerns we raised. 

The committee will send the final version out to the locals once it is received.

16. Trust Accounts

The employer announced on February 8th, 2008 that they were moving to two non-geographical inventories for the Trust Compliance workloads. The employer advised that this would not have any affect on workloads, work descriptions or positions. They further advised that this was on the agenda for the next Technological Change meeting.

The chair of the Tech Change Committee has been made aware of our concerns, and if there appears to be any impact that will affect either the Staffing Committee or the WFA committee, then the appropriate referrals will be made.

17. Human Resources Flexibilities Audit

The employer was requested to request that the Atlantic Region be included in the interviews, but unfortunately the CRA had no input into where the Auditors were going and who they were interviewing.

The OAG Auditors did arrange a session with the National Union. Sister Cassidy was not able to attend the session so Brother MacDonald participated.
Sister Bannon and Brothers Khayat, O’Brien and MacDonald were interviewed by the auditors on April 24th, 2008.

18. Slash Jobs with Rulings Components

The employer has committed to removing all rulings components from TSDMB work descriptions.

19. Timeframe for Recourse

The committee is discussing this issue with the employer on Monday April 28th, 2008.

20. Accounting requirements

The employer has reissued the Annex D2 to reflect the new SP work description numbers.  There are no other changes to this directive.

New:  TSDMB has initiated discussions with the national Union regarding the possibility of Educational Requirements for positions in the Accounts Receivable area.

The Committee Chair and the Technical Advisor have a meeting scheduled with the Branch on May 21st, 2008 and expect to receive an update on this initiative.

To date, neither the committee nor UTE have been advised as to what direction the employer will be following, although they have indicated that they believe certain positions may require accounting in the future.

The committee and UTE will ensure that, if the employer does proceed with education requirements, that the employer must also then consider grandfather provisions to protect the existing members.

21. Call centre Meeting

As Madonna and Marc were in attendance at this meeting, as a result of being representatives on the Staffing Committee, they thought it appropriate to update the remaining committee members of their observations.

A discussion followed but as there is now an ad-hoc committee created the committee believes that at this time it is not appropriate for us to discuss the items. 

The committee believes there are some issues related to staffing, but these will be referred via the appropriate channels, after the ad-hoc committee has an opportunity to meet.

22. Meeting with the employer

The committee prepared for the meeting in the morning.

23. Voluntary Disclosure

The employer responded to the unions query regarding what work descriptions are related to the Voluntary Disclosure Program. The employer requested authority to use SP-0403 and SP-0376 (As well as AU-0014). The Union verified the content of these work descriptions and advised the employer that these would be appropriate to use.

24. Performance Assessment Scales

In the Minutes of February 2008, the committee had indicated that we would be issuing a bulletin to clarify that, an individual should not be screened out of a process because of a “does not meet” unless it is related to the position being staffed. 

The employer however reissued Annex E which contradicts this.  Annex E states that an individual is automatically screened out of a process.
The Union has major concerns regarding this position, and will be contacting the Employer to arrange a meeting.